10 Reasons To Go For A Walk

Even though the first day of Spring is March 21st, I finally feel that spring is here! Today I took my kids for a walk (Gizmo and my little guy) and it was such a nice day out! The warm weather is a great reminder to all of us to get off that couch (or computer in my case) and go enjoy the outside.

Need some more motivation to get out for a walk?
Here are 10 reasons why you should go for a walk today!

1. Feeling Good- We all know that when you exercise it stimulates the release of endorphins and you get that awesome runners high, which makes you feel great!
2. Free Entertainment- You can observe so many things on a walk. A neighbors new garden, a kite stuck in a tree (can you see it in the pic above?), kids playing at a park…I mean the list goes on and on. It’s a great way to be entertained and costs you nothing!
3. Great Thinking Time- It’s usually just you and nature on a walk, so it is a great time to think about things going on in life. It’s a much needed break from the noise of day to day life.
4. Meet People- I talk to anyone- anywhere. I can’t help it, I love to talk! When I see people walking by me I put on a big smile and say “Hi”. Some people stop for a chat, some people smile back and keep on walking. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to meet people or just spread cheer of your smile.
5. Slow Down- I don’t know about you, but I feel like some days fly by so fast. Walking is a pretty slow form of transportation, so it provides great opportunity for you to slow down your day and take a break.
6. Mother Nature- Feel the wind on your face, smell flowers in the air, hear the birds chirping. Mother nature has given us such a beautiful outdoors, it’s a shame not to enjoy them.
7. Your Dog- The dog is man’s best friend and they will love you even more when you take them for a walk! Dogs get pretty bored sitting around the house staring out the windows. They love to smell new smells and run around.
8. Your Kid(s)- Healthy habits start from a very young age. Little things like taking walks are an easy and fun way to introduce you children to the health benefits of exercise.
9. Your family- Even though my husband was working today, I enjoyed talking to Gizmo and explaining things to our little guy. Taking a walk with the family is a great way to spend time together and interact. Our little guy just loved looking around and seeing new sights. Plus, I think it wore him out as he has napped pretty good for me today.
10. It’s fun!