Distraction At Its Best!

Distraction At Its Best!

Lately I have been feeling a little distracted, to say the least. My husband and I found out right before my trip to Florida that I was pregnant. I have basically spent the last four weeks hiding it from our family & the last twelve weeks hiding it from our friends and co-workers. I have wanted SOOOOO badly to blog about this wonderful time in our life, but we wanted to make sure everything was going to go smoothly. My husband and I wanted to wait until our first doctor’s appointment and makes sure that all things checked out fine. It is finally safe to say that we can finally let everyone know the wonderful news.

We decided to let our family know early. We broke the news to our parents with some cleverly decorated Easter eggs that said “We’re Egg-specting”. We had such a fun time decorating the eggs. Actually, I pretty much was in charge of placing the decals and he decorated all of the eggs but two. We went to his parents house over Easter weekend and stopped at my parents house along the way. It was so funny to see our parents reactions because both were so different. My parents, already being Grandparents were not quite as excited as his. My mom struggled, trying to read the words and the eggs. I finally had to tell her what they said, and my parents seemed to sit there in shock at first and then were very happy for us. His parents had a more energetic reaction. Being first time Grandparents and all, his Mom started screaming (a good scream) and his Dad insisted on we head out to the bar to celebrate. Which we did and I had root beer!

After three weeks of begging, on my 29th birthday, my husband took me to the hospital and performed our first ultrasound. It was so nice to have just the two of us in that room to see our baby for the first time. He guessed I was about 9-10 weeks along because you can’t detect the heartbeat very easily until that point. After a couple times of pushing and prodding, he found our baby. I really can’t tell at all that the image was a baby, but he could pick up the arms, legs, heart-beating and a little movement. Here’s the picture taken by my cell phone.
On Thursday of this last week, we finally had our first doctor’s appointment. It seems really late, but we chose a doctor that my husband has worked with and my friends have gone to. It turns out she is REALLY in demand and hard to get into. After the visit, I see why she has been a favorite OB around our town, she was awesome! The results are in…I am officially twelve weeks and three days along! And so far, so good. The baby is at a healthy weight and everything appears to be going good.
Now that we had the OK from our doctor, we were able to tell our co-workers and friends…and of course “make it official” by announcing it on facebook! I was very nervous about telling the company I work for. I work for a small business and when we are down one person, it is a really big strain on everyone there. To my relief they took the news great! They said we would figure something out, even maybe letting me work from home and on the weekends. Such wonderful news! I have the best job in the world!

When we told our friends, there was a little more mystery involved. We were all getting together for a barbecue on Friday. My husband thought it would be funny to make a fake email address (whosebaby@rocketmail.com) and send out the ultrasound photos to everyone on the invite list. It made for quite the game, and emails started flying around all day the next day. Well, I knew I was in trouble. I mean if I show up the party with juice in hand, everyone will know right away! I had to come up with a clever plan. Here was my plan: Buy a bottle of Fre non-alcoholic wine, rip off the label, create a new one at work that says “alcoholic”. My devious plan totally worked! I had to go through the night drinking some pretty nasty tasting grape juice, but it was fun just to see all the guesses going around the party. A couple hours into the barbecue, my husband started handing out cigars and everyone knew! It was such a fun night and I stayed out to 1am, which is the latest I have been up for months!

So needless to say, I have spent the last 12 weeks a little distracted with the new baby and all. I have been lucky enough not to be sick, but I have been very tired and lost some of my normal motivation. I still go to the gym and try to run a couple miles a week. Sometimes, all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch movies, so really it is whatever I feel like that day.

The kitchen has almost come to a complete halt. We had our new granite counter tops installed while I was in Florida, but since then not much has been done. My husband has almost finished resurfacing all the cupboards. I did finish up sanding all the crown molding, but now that I can’t stain (due to the fumes) things have really hit a stopping point. I came home yesterday to my husband starting the backsplash, so I guess we will start up again. He made up this rule that we can’t start another room until the first one is finished, so I just have to hang out and wait on that kitchen. I can’t wait to start the nursury! I already have so many plans in mind.

That is my exciting news to share with the world. Having a baby is such wonderful news and we are so excited to begin starting our family!