Makeover in Minutes: Dresser

Makeover in Minutes: Dresser

Ahhh the power of spray paint! Last weekend my parents brought down an entire children’s room furnature set they pick up second hand from someone they knew. The set included one upright dresser, two nightstands, one toddler bed, one crib, and one dresser that doubles has a changing table. All of the items are in really good condition and are very sturdy. The only problem I had with them is that they all have shiny brass handles.

I know some people out there like the shiny brass, but I really am not a big fan of it. My first solution to remedy this problem was just to purchase new hardware. The current hardware made dents in the woods, so I would have to buy the similar shape to cover up those dents. After searching around on the internet I found that hardware in this design usually runs from $4-5. Doesn’t seem like much right? But considering I needed 30 pieces it was out of my budget.

What else is a girl to do??? Well spray paint! I purchased Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Metallic Spray in Dark bronze and the results are perfect!
It took about 10 minutes to spray paint all the hardware and a little longer to reinstall it all, but the results are amazing!

Here is the dresser/changing table before:
And here is the dresser/changing table after:
I think the color of the new handles deepens the color of the wood on the dresser and I love it! Now if only I could rip up the maroon carpet in this room!

I have been walking around my house trying to figure out what else I can attack with this spray paint. If I come up with anymore ideas I will post them. Nothing is better than a quick, easy, cheap, makeover in minutes!