Landscaping Around Power Boxes

Landscaping Around Power Boxes

After weeks of going back and forth we have finally decided on landscaping plans for the front yard. In previous blogs you might have seen this wonderful picture:

Just beautiful right?….NOT REALLY! This area is overgrown with plants that just don’t work under the shade of the large ash tree.

The juniper bush, that currently hides the power boxes, is half dead.

The rock in the bed is full of leaves and sticks, about 23 years worth, which makes it next to impossible to clean them all out.

Over the years, the plants have all lacked proper trimming and have become overgrown and half dead. They need more sun then what they can get in this spot. The only bush that really looks halfway decent in the spirea below…and that’s on my neighbor’s side.

The first step in all landscaping projects to is to have a plan. The plan will help outline what our future goal for this area will be. Also, we needed to get approval from the neighbors before starting this task.

Starting the plan was a little more difficult then I thought. The biggest problem I had in making this plan was that I had no idea where to start! I mean I keep a veggie garden, but when it comes to landscaping plants I get so overwhelmed. There are so many kinds and so many that won’t grow in our zone five vegetation area.

That’s where the big sis came to the rescue! Luci dabbles a little in landscape design. She is far more interested in landscaping plants more than I ever could be. I told her what we were looking for: Colorful plants that will grow well under the shade of the ash tree and hide the power boxes. She drew of three different landscape plans for me.

I liked all the plans, but the end result was combining all three of them (and a couple phone conversations) to create the master. Here is the master plan below (you can click on it for a pdf):

I really have to give all credit to my sister for making this happen. The only plant I added into the plan was Russian Sage and that’s just because one of my neighbors has them and they are absolutely gorgeous! I wanted my own.

The next steps will be painstakingly long. We have to remove all of the rock from the bed. I have already started this process but due to my “delicate” condition I am not able to lift more than 25 pounds. That means numerous trips to the back yard with barely two shovels of rock in the wheel barrel. I look at it as getting my exercise for the day.

Once all the rock is removed I can KILL the juniper! (Notice my language usage, I just loath them!) To get rid of this evil plant I will start by cutting off all the branches down to the stumps. Which will most likely leave me covered in a lovely rash for a few days. I have to stay away from digging up the stumps until I can get all the utility companies out there to mark the lines. All I need is to give myself a shock or make the entire neighborhood mad by cutting off the power.

Once removing all the old plants is complete, my husband will build a brick edging that matched our current front yard landscaping and then the planting will begin! I estimate the project will finish up some time in August. Plants are cheaper to purchase in the fall. Honestly, this is going to be a long project so I am going to be realistic about our time line.

Now that the plans all laid out I am excited to begin! It will be so nice to drive down our street and not be so embarrasses by the eye soar in the front yard. I just can’t wait!