Little Notes Can Mean So Much

Little Notes Can Mean So Much

My morning routine is pretty much the same everyday. Rush to shower, rush to do my hair, rush to dress, rush to get Gizmo outside, rush making lunch and rush out the door. As you can tell, I really don’t make much time for anything in my morning schedule.

As I am rushing out the door early this morning, I notice a paper sticking out of my purse and it just seems off. I grab it and read quickly it, “Hope you have a nice day at work. I love you!” It’s from my husband.

Many times in life we are moving so fast that we don’t take time to write a quick little note that could mean so much to that special person in our lives. I was starting out my day pretty bad, very tired, and just counting down till the end of the week. His little note, though it was short, added a bright spot to my day. It’s nice to have husband remembers to do little things like this and I really appreciate all the little things he does that mean so much to me.

I am sharing this with all of you to remind you that the little things, no matter how small, can really make a difference in your significant others day. You don’t need to write some long drawn out letter, buy flowers, or bake a cake. The little things, such as a note scratched out on a coffee stained piece of paper, can give that little reminder that there is someone else out there thinking of you.