List for Beginning Families

List for Beginning Families

My sister Beth is very close to having her first baby and she asked me for any recommendations on what she would need for this little addition. After having two children of my own and running a daycare for seven years I had a lot of suggestions for her. I decided to make her a list of what I feel are some of the best items to have for a newborn (and to put on your shower registry). I will probably modify this list as I keep thinking of new items to add. They are all in no particular order.

My list for the beginning families…your baby shower list of must haves!

Diapers-try both Huggies and Pampers to start off. They are very different and it does depend on what you works for your child’s shape and the how much they produce at one time. (Newborn diapers don’t count they are what they are… and they are only in them for a few weeks at most.)

Wipes-look for large cloths that are unscented. Some babies are sensitive to the scented ones. All brands are very different in feeling and in wiping abilities.

Bottles-I have found that the Platex air vent bottles work very well for most children and I love the fact that they come apart to be cleaned very well. They also have special ones for breast fed babies to help them not have nipple confusion. They have many different sizes of nipples that you can purchase to help fit your babies needs with how fast they like to drink.

Clothes– Oneies , sleepers, socks, moccasins, and other cute clothes to go out in public, little first born baby hats and mittens, and coat/snowsuit.

Baby Hangers

3-6 Receiving Blankets

2 Regular Blankets

6-12 old fashioned diapers clothes. They are old fashioned but they still work the best and are pretty affordable and great for burp cloths

3- fitted crib sheets: the extras are great for any accidents that might happen in the middle of the night

Formula or storage bags for breast milk

Breast pump

Crib: Make sure that the crib bars are not any bigger then a pop can could fit through

Port a crib or pack n play: Go basic because of less recalls!

Car seats: The carrier kind is nice when they are little but you will need to get the convertible kind sooner that you think. Also read the directions because every brand is different and it will affect a newborns position in them.

Head Rest Support: Used for a car seat or the hospital can show you how to roll up receiving blankets to support babies head.

Baby oil– the gel kind is great to use for cradle cap.

Diaper cream-butt paste brand is amazing.

Vaseline-I like the cream kind that comes in a tube. This is great for their little bottoms when the Meconium is coming out. It tends to irritate your skin. Also, if you have a boy, the Vaseline is good for the area that is circumcised.

Little finger and toe nail clippers

Head to toe baby wash

Baby lotion

Baby wash cloths

A wash tub for infants

Hooded towels

Diaper Change pad: Good for travel or around the house.

Tummy Time Toy

A Back Pack or Arap is also a very nice extra

Bottle Warmers are also an extra but is nice in the middle of the night

Well, that’s is my list of things that are great to have for a newborn (in no particular order). As I said, I might add to it as I think of more and more items. Hope this helps some of you beginning families out there!