Stressful Nesting

Stressful Nesting

As I am into my last eight weeks of my pregnancy I have been nesting and not the fun kind. I went to the doctors two weeks ago and they said that our little boy is not growing at the pace he should be. He was originally in the 50th percentile for size, (I’ll take it, smaller babies are easy to get out right?!?) but at this appointment they said his size was down to the 27th percentile and they might have to induce me four weeks early! I began to panic! I have so many things that I need to have done around the house before he arrives and my time has been cut short by four weeks!

Needless to say, I have very busy the last two weeks trying to keep up on our house, get the nursery ready, and refinish a rocking chair. I have barely had time to think, let alone write some blogs that I have had in the pending status. I have finished most of the things I would like to accomplish, with the exception of my rocking chair.
Yesterday was another appointment for the baby and they performed a stress test. It is a test where they monitor his movements and heart rate. The doctor said he was doing great and unless he drops down to the 10th percentile I will be carrying him to full term. Which is wonderful news! Carrying him to full term is the best for his health and mine! Also, that means I have more time to get all my nesting finished, without all of the stressing.

In these somewhat unfamiliar and stressful times, it’s hard to remember that I need to be enjoying these last few weeks before our lives are changed forever. I have been so focused on getting the nursery “just right” that I need to remember that when our little man arrives he is not going to care if his nursery is just perfect! I decided to take a step back this week and have someone come in to help me on all the cleaning in the house. I found a very nice lady on craigslist and I hired her to come in for a couple hours. Though it cost us some unplanned money, I feel the sanity she saved me was so beneficial at this point in my pregnancy.

I still have a goal to finish the rocking chair before he arrives, but other than that I am going to try my hardest to take it easy. I need to force myself to enjoy the down time because once our little bundle of joy arrives I am sure that I will be wishing I would have rested more.