Essentials for Battling the Common Cold

Essentials for Battling the Common Cold

Well, I already caught it. I suppose it was only a matter of time until the common cold found me this year. Everyone around me seemed to battling some sort of cold; the coughing and sneezing was around every corner I turned. Suffice to say this is what I looked like about a week ago.

So what do you do when you’re trying to keep up with life and a schedule that doesn’t allow for sick time? I turn to my trusty cold remedies and hope that they will help me make it through the aches, fever, congestion and overall yuckiness.

1. Gotta have DayQuil & NyQuil
Sure this stuff tastes like death warmed over but I find that if I take it as needed my fever seems to lessen and my head seems a bit clearer. Unfortunately after four hours I can feel it start to wear off. Either way I keep it on hand for the common cold makes its appearance.

2. Vicks VapoRub

Some people hate Vicks but my mom had us use this growing up and I still reach for it when I’m extremely congested or have a stuffy nose.
3. Halls Fruit Breezers (“Cool Berry” flavor)
After trying these in high school I have never gone back to regular, disgusting cough drops. They are for “everyday throat irritations” but I have used them to soothe even my worst sore throats. Once you pop one in your mouth the cooling effect takes over and they taste just like candy! I don’t know about you but I hate the way most cough drops taste so the invention of Halls Breezers was a life saver.
4. Strong, Non-Scratchy Tissues
Whatever tissues you decide to use I always recommend grabbing a kind with lotion. Nobody likes a sore nose 🙁 I am particularly impressed with the Puffs plus lotion with the “essence of Vicks.” Considering my loyalty to Vicks VapoRub you’re probably not surprised. I believe when you’re sick any extra little thing to make you feel a little better helps… and that includes these tissues!

As bad as I am about drinking water I have to say that drinking as much water as possible when you’re sick is a good idea. It’s easy to become dehydrated when sickness strikes so keep a water bottle near and drink as much as you can.

6. Tea
Whenever I’m looking for some comfort when I’m under the weather I turn to tea. Throat Soothers tea is perfect for a sore throat while Peppermint tea really helps refresh a congested chest/sinuses. When I have a regular cold Lemon tea is my tried and true favorite.
7. Chicken Noodle Soup
It’s nearly impossible to compile a list of cold remedies without listing chicken noodle soup. Now this soup, particularly Campbell’s, isn’t full of of robust flavor – but that’s the point. When I’m sick I need something that will calm my stomach and go down easy. For this reason, Campbell’s holds the crown for chicken noodle soup. If you’re feeling particularly sluggish you could always grab the convenient Campbell’s to go cup, pop it in the microwave, and sip away in your icky cold misery.

So what are your cold remedies? Anything I missed on this list that you just couldn’t survive without? Any tips would be greatly appreciated (particularly for the next time I’m feeling under the weather!).