Christmas Tree Inspiration

Christmas Tree Inspiration

With the advent of our marriage came the opportunity to finally decorate our very own tree. Well let’s be honest, I do the decorating and Nathan observes 🙂
When I made my first attempt at Christmas tree trimming last year I didn’t really know where to start. Growing up our family tree was always a mix of tradition. Garland, colored flashing lights and even tinsel were essential. Mom and Dad combined these items with antique bulbs, knick knacks, candy canes and ornaments created during our childhood. About every color could be found on our glittering Christmas tree. I used to love turning all the lights off and putting the tree lights on the “slow change” setting. I’d lay under the tree and watch the lights fade from one color to the next, casting shadows from the tree branches onto the ceiling. You’ve heard of sensory memories? Well this is one of my strongest. The colors from the lights, the smell of pine, and the sound of Christmas music. I will never forget that memory or the magic created every Christmas.

That being said, Christmas tree decorating can be quite important! Obviously our Christmas tree had a lasting effect on me and someday I hope to give our future children the same excitement. So where to start? I tend to be a traditional girl but every once in awhile I surprise myself by falling in love with something completely out of the ordinary. Here are a few inspiring pictures of Christmas trees I found while browsing the internet… I hope they bring you some inspiration as well!

Traditional: Red & Gold

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Can this tree be anymore BEAUTIFUL?! I have to admit I am a sucker for red and gold. As I said I tend to be pretty traditional and to some it may be boring but seeing a tree like this just makes me melt. GORGEOUS! And to be honest I decided on a red and gold theme for our tree this year… surprised? Probably not.

White, Frosted Christmas Trees

If I had to pick another style to go with, something that is very unlike “me,” I would pick this beautiful frosted look. I was running around Hob Lob the other day looking for stuff to decorate our mantel and stopped abruptly when I saw a kiosk filled with glittering, white decor. There is something special about the cool white look; how it reminds me of the way snow glitters when the sun hits it. If I were to deviate from a traditional tree my heart would almost surely belong to this winter wonderland-themed spruce.
The monochromatic look is something I’ve seen recently in homes. The first tree has a beautiful gold theme throughout. I just love the way they curled the gold ribbon down from the top of the tree. I never used to like gold but the older I get the more it’s growing on me.

The second tree pictured has a prominent blue them with touches of silver. Perhaps this is not entirely monochromatic but they definitely stayed in a color palette with similar hues. The look reminds me of sparkling icicles and ice skating.

The third tree fits well with the turquoise craze running rampant in fashion and homes across the world. It is definitely a more modern take on the Christmas tree. I imagine it in in a swanky Manhattan apartment or perhaps a beach home in North Carolina. To me the monochromatic look can be a sophisticated, modern option if you’re tired of the traditional tree.
Whimsical & Fun
This tree has a darling “sweet tooth” theme. Christmas-themed lollipops, candy canes, and bulbs provide the proper accents for a candy-lover’s tree. We all remember the famous Night Before Christmas poem and this tree, dripping with sweets, reminds me of the visions of sugarplums in the children’s heads.

This tree, although it looks fairly traditional, has more character than you see in the traditional trees pictured in magazines. It might be a little too perfect but the homemade touches remind me of children’s handmade ornaments and the mismatched charm of a family tree.

The first time I saw an upside tree was in a local bar/restaurant called The Attic. I thought it was such a crazy idea but it fit so well with the look and feel of the whole place – and it was so unique! That being said this look is much too modern for me. I think it would look fun in a game room or perhaps an entertainment area. Still, inner-traditionalist is giving me a firm, “no” to this idea. But that’s the beauty about decorating your own tree; it’s about what you love! If this upside down pine speaks to you then by all means, seize the day!

I hope these trees were able to provide you with a little tree-trimming inspiration! Christmas is in full swing and the 25th will be here before we know it.

Do you have some inspiration for me? What are your favorite tree traditions and details? Share below or upload your own blog example to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Christmas Tree Party!

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