Things To Get Done In The New Year!

Things To Get Done In The New Year!

Two years ago, almost to date, I wrote a blog about my New Year’s ambitions. In fact, New Year’s Ambitions was our very first post on the blog! I look back upon it and laugh a little as only one item on the list was resolved! I have always been terrible at following through with my New Year’s resolutions. Out of that entire list, the one item I finished was remodeling the kitchen…in the house we do not live in anymore. I have many excuses of why I did not follow through that year. I had a lot of changes in my life. I became pregnant in February, had a baby in October, and found out we were moving in December. After that 2011 was kind of a blur, I mean having a little baby somewhat encompasses your life. You will only understand once you have children how much everything else just seems so much less important.

For 2012, I decided to give it a try again. This time, with a little more general terms. So here are my 2012 Things To Get Done!
1. Declutter
Ok, I am cheating a little on this one. We moved all our stuff up from our old house this last month and due to the smaller house we now own, I have been forced to give away quite a few things. In fact, I have driven two full truck beds of our Dodge Ram to Goodwill now. And you know what? I don’t miss anything I have given away! And let us not forget the countless garbage bags of junk I have collected over the years that finally made it to the trash! I am pretty sure our garbage man hates us right now. It makes me feel so much lighter to get rid of things I do not need anymore. Goodwill also should get a pretty penny for some of the things I gave away and at least I know it’s going to go to a good organization that helps out the community. Now only if I can get my husband to part with some of his things…
2. Lose 10 pounds

This is the story here, I have a digital scale that I always used when weighing myself. However, while we were living between houses I purchased a cheapo scale from Walmart for the new place. Now that I have my digital scale back I found out that the cheapo scale was off by about 5 pounds. When I thought I had lost all of my baby weight, I really had 5 pounds to go. Then over Thanksgiving to New Years I decided to eat what I wanted and I put on an extra 5 pounds. That leaves me at 10 pounds to lose to be officially at my pre-baby weight. Luckily, my husband wants to lose some weight too so we are going to do this together. We officially start January 9th after a party he is hosting this weekend. I started yesterday…back to counting calories, eating healthy, less alcohol, and exercising my butt off!

3. Organize

This is a battle everyone fights and it won’t ever be finished, but in 2012, I would like to organize three things in my house: my desk, my MP3s, and my pictures. My desk is full of random craft supplies, work trade magazines, little tokens from our vacations, and just overall everything I don’t know what to do with. I will somehow come up with a better way to keep it clean and organized.
As for my MP3s, after years of downloading music and ripping my personal cds I have a ton of music that is misnamed and just a mess in many different folders on my computer. My plan is to compile them all into one, rename all the tags, and have a nice clean music collection. Also, I have two cases of cds I would LOVE to get ripped to my computer.
Now the pictures. I love digital cameras, but what happens is that you have a million pics you never look at. On top of that they are organized like my MP3s, spread all over the computer. The goal is to organize them by year and month and hopefully get some put into photo albums.
4. Unplug
I love this quote, maybe I won’t eat more chocolate (see #2) but spending more quality time with my family is very important to me. I did this over the Holidays and decided to keep it going. I want to play more with my son, read more books with him, talk more to my husband, and honestly just stay off the electronics. This will mean less blogging, but I am pretty sure when I look back on my life I will remember the memories with my family more then the time I spent on the computer.
Anyways, hope this post has inspired some of you to think about things you would like to get done in 2012. It’s another year to work on making our lives better and each little goal we achieve just gets us one step closer to a better life. Happy 2012!