Entryway Remodel (DIY Wall Coat Rack & Shelf)

Entryway Remodel (DIY Wall Coat Rack & Shelf)

First of all, I want to start this blog out with a tribute, a remembrance, a eulogy….to my coat rack. You have been there through so many years and it is sad to see you go. My coat rack was originally purchased when I moved out of my parents house (12 years ago) and it has lasted through all my moves. It has survived many goodwill piles, only to be pulled out and used again. It’s been there through the good, the bad, and the ugly….coats. It has been taken apart, fallen over, held the heaviest load of coats and still lasted until now. Alas, the other day, the coat rack died 🙁 The bottom bolt stripped completely out, with no way of repair. It now stands crooked and falls over frequently. In fact, this morning it fell over and smacked me in the head, and that was the moment when I decided it had to be put down.
Really, my entryway has been in a major need of a remodel. I don’t plan on doing any painting, just a new way to organize the coats and maybe if my husband lets me, replace the light fixture.
Now this project probably sounds familiar, after all it was just a few months ago when I built the Shoe Pallet Storage Bench for my mud room.
Which has been so helpful, but in my current entryway I already have a large chest that serves as a bench and toy box. I wanted something somewhat quick and I have had some ideas in mind. Here are a few examples I found of how I would like to remodel my entryway:

In the pic below, I love the baskets for some extra storage. It’s a great idea for all the gloves and hats we need during the winter time.

Wainscot in mudroom eclectic entry

If I don’t need the storage, having a shelf above the hooks adds extra area for decorating too.

Clean Laundry Room traditional laundry room

I love the framed numbers and baskets, but not quite sure I really need numbers in the entryway.


I love the really large hooks on this coat rack.

Yesterday, I was at Hobby Lobby and I found some super big coat hooks (like in the picture above) and matching cast iron L-brackets, perfect for a shelf! My idea– make a shelf with the L-brackets and place a rustic piece of wood below with my large hooks attached to them. It’s seems pretty simple, with the exception of me finishing the wood (which I hate sanding) but overall should be a somewhat quick project. I think for the top of the shelf, I will have a couple baskets with some frames in the middle. Enough for some extra storage if needed.
Wish me luck and stay tuned for the results!

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