Valentine’s Day Breakfast – Heart Shaped Pancakes & Frog In The Hole

Valentine’s Day Breakfast – Heart Shaped Pancakes & Frog In The Hole

I never use to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but for some reason as I have gotten older I have started too. Last year I planned out a dinner of heart shaped pizza, lovey labeled wines, and heart brownies (see post here.) This year I decided to make something different because my kiddo is now old enough to eat food. I decided on a loving breakfast of heart shaped pancakes and heart shaped frog in the hole.

The whole idea came about when I was at Walmart and saw these cookie cutters for $2.88.

Now I have seen these type of pancake makers at stores before, but always thought they would be something I wouldn’t break out very often. The cookie cutters could be used for a variety of functions and were super cheap!

My cookie cutters are metal and metal conducts heat, so I need a way to pick them up out of the pan and decided to use an old cork
I just cut a slit in it big enough to pick up the cutter from the pan.
I placed my cookie cutters in a pan with some oil and waited for them to heat up.
I mixed up some pancake batter.
I poured my batter in and waited for it to get super bubbly. (Notice my center from my frog in the hole.) When the pancakes had lots of bubbles, I used the cork to remove the hot cookie cutter.
Then I flipped each over and waited for the other side to cook.
After those two were cooked, I sprayed down the cookie cutters with some vegetable oil and started on the rest of the batter. I ended up with this beautiful stack of pancakes:
It was a pretty large stack, but my husband and son ate them up.
Well, I gave my son one of them. I am a little strange of a Mom and try to give my kiddo protein in the morning. I think having just carbohydrates and sugary syrup just isn’t the healthiest for a young kiddo. Breakfast #2 for my son was a frog in the hole. If you haven’t heard of these, it’s just a piece of bread with an egg in the middle.
I grabbed the middle size cookie cutter and cut my hole out of my bread.
Keep the inside part, it makes for cute toast on the side. I cooked this piece with the pancakes in the larger pan.
With a little bit of oil in the pan, I put the bread in a pan and
cracked an egg in the center. My son likes salt & pepper on his eggs so I added that.
Once the top of the egg has set, I flipped it over and let it cook until the yoke was hard.
Served with the toasted center, my kiddo ate it up!
Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t like/celebrate the holiday, just use it as an opportunity to do something nice for the ones you love.

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