The Fire Truck Room #2: The Before

The Fire Truck Room #2: The Before

It’s finally here….almost! The big reveal of the fire truck room for Aiden. I am probably building this up way more then what I should be, but it’s always a nice feeling when you have a long project finished.

Periodically, I have been posting things about this room (see The Fire Truck Room #1, DIY Painting A Dresser, The Toy Box, The Bookshelf, and Hanging Bookshelf From Crib Bumper) and after almost a year of redoing random garage sale finds and painting the room the last few months, I am finally finished!

I thought I should  start out the big reveal with a little peak at what the room was like before. Now keep in mind, we moved into this house less than a year ago and no decorating was done. The room is very small, but fine for a kid his age.

This is the right side of the room when you walk in.

You will see bookshelf and the dresser are already in use.

The left side of the room had the crib and rocking chair, which will go into the new nursery.

Also, you have the door to enter and the closet door. I have a little bit of a plan to dress them up!

Anyways, that is his super tiny room! I can’t wait to write the post up on the reveal of the room!

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