DIY: How to Replace End Fittings on a Garden Hose

DIY: How to Replace End Fittings on a Garden Hose

At the beginning of the summer my sprayer on my hose broke. The plastic that holds the handle onto it split in two and it has been very annoying to hold it together so I can water my flowers. Now most normal people would say to just get a new sprayer and I would but our hose baked in the west facing sun all last summer and somehow the sprayer welded to the hose. My husband tried for about an hour with pliers to get the two apart with not luck. The only option was to cut the hose and replace the end of the hose.

In addition to the one end needing to be replace, the other end of the hose that attaches to the hose reel is broken too. It sprays tons of water and we tried to replace the washer in it to find that is was still broken.

It’s been quite the hose drama. Now I could go out and buy a new hose, but honestly this hose is awesome and was pretty expensive brand new. Instead, we decided that we needed to replace just the end fittings.

Now when I first picked up the new end fittings for the hose, I looked at this and thought, “There is no way I can do this.”

I mean I am the girl that will usually try anything once, but these little fittings seemed like a task I need to have my husband do. After weeks of nagging him to do it, it wasn’t done. Last night I decided to do it myself and you know what, it was SUPER easy. Here is my little DIY on how to replace the end fittings on your hose. Some of you might laugh at this super simple DIY, but I know I can’t be the only one out there who didn’t know how to do this. 

To start, you will need to the following items:

male/female hose fittings for your hose size (standard is 5/8″)
small handsaw
plumber’s tape
(Don’t ask my why I have needle nose pliers in this picture.)

Using the saw, cut the old hose end off and try to keep the cut straight. 

Place the new hose fitting into the hose and screw it in as tight as you can and as far as it will go. 

Using the pliers, squeeze down the metal teeth around the hose until very tight.
 If you are doing the sprinkler end, you are done!

However, if you want to know how to attach it to your hose reel without leaks, continue on:

Start by wrapping your plumber tape around the reel fitting end in a clockwise direction. 

Cut the tape when wrapped once around the reel fitting and smooth out with fingers. 

Start attaching your new hose end and you most likely need to use the wrench to attach it all the way. Don’t do it too tight if you have a plastic one like me, you could break it.  

And you are done! No leaks from your hose!

I hoped this DIY helped some of you out there who might need to tackle this annoying little task, really it’s super easy and fast to do!

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