The Joys of Toddlerhood: The Food Battle Part 2

The Joys of Toddlerhood: The Food Battle Part 2

This blog has been long overdo. I wrote the first part of this blog over a month ago and sort of forgot that I was planning on writing a second half just showcasing some the standard foods I keep around the house for him to snack on.

In a short summary of the first blog, I don’t fight our child on the food he eats. He gets a small amount of several foods for each meal and I let him pick and choose what he eats. It has seemed to work out pretty well for us. With that said, there are some “standard” foods I like to keep around the house for him. I am not a ‘my child only eats organic‘ type of person, but I do try to provide healthy items for him around the house. For meals, he usually eats what we eat, but with a toddler it is helpful to have some snack items on hand for him.

Here is my list of my top 10 snack items that I like to keep around the house. Most of them are packaged for convenience, but then again, it makes my life easier so I am all about that! 

1. Bananas

Not only do bananas provide a bunch of vitamins for him, they are the easiest fruit to keep around the house and carry with us. He loves bananas and eats almost one a morning. 

2. Fruit Bits

I am somewhat obsessed with dried fruit, and when I found this prepackaged product of already cut up dried fruit. I fell in LOVE! I don’t buy him fruit snacks, but these tasty little treats make a good substitute. 

3. Yoplait GoGurt

Again, if you can’t tell, I like convenience items and GoGurts are such an easy way to give my kid yogurt without him ending up with a yogurt facial. These hand little tubes are perfect for him to squeeze into his mouth and enjoy with minimal mess. 

4. Turkey Hot Dogs

What toddler meal plan wouldn’t be complete without hot dogs? Trying to keep the hot dogs somewhat healthier, we have opted for turkey and he really doesn’t know the difference. These are pretty good hot dogs and a great quick meal and snack on those busy days. 

5. String Cheese

Yes, another prepackaged treasure, but in our defense we eat these awesome string cheese sticks as much as he does. It’s a great way to add some calcium into his diet, easy to serve up, and super yummy!

6. Hummus

Whether it’s homemade or store bought, it’s a great protein packed dip to keep on hand for him. He actually will eat hummus on cucumbers, carrots, or pretzel chips. He loves the stuff and finds it really fun to dip items into the stuff. 

7. Turkey Pepperoni

This was one of those items that I discovered he liked on accident. I was making homemade pizza and gave him a few of these to snack on while I was cooking. He loves these things! I know it’s strange, but my son is meat eater! He will gladly yell “MEAT” when he chews up any type of meat. With these being made from turkey they are quit a bit better for you then the standard pepperoni and go great with some cheese and crackers for him. 

8. Pretzel Crisps

Aiden started out like most kids and LOVED Goldfish crackers, but quickly became tired of them. However, he really loves these Pretzel Crisps and has not tired of them yet. They make them in a few varieties and he likes all of them so far. He likes them plain or dipped in hummus or spread with Laughing Cow cheese. Really, I haven’t found a way he doesn’t like these crisps!

9. GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce

Talk about the easiest way to feed your kiddo on the go! Aiden loves these prepackaged applesauces and they are 100% fruit. He also doesn’t make a mess with them which is great for me!

10. Peanut Butter

My last item on the list and probably a “no no” for many parents out there….peanut butter. My child doesn’t have any allergies to peanut butter (and hoping my second doesn’t either) because I highly believe that peanut butter can make everything better! We eat it on toast in the morning, with jelly for lunch, spread it on celery, or just eat it by the spoonful out of the jar. The ultimate snack for kids. I grew up with peanut butter (in fact the smell of peanut butter and coffee breath of my Mom is a very strong memory of mine) and I am sure that Aiden will remember how much his own mother enjoyed her peanut butter. 

Well, that was just some of the food items that I like to keep around the house for my toddler to snack on. I hope I added some ideas to your list and would love to hear from any of you who have found that you love!

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