DIY: Hidden Storage Wall Cubby

DIY: Hidden Storage Wall Cubby

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about my Paint Only Remodels of our Main Bathroom. Now I have talked about this about a million times before, but if you missed it– I am only allowed to remodel this house using paint. We plan on building a new house on this land in a few years, so my husband doesn’t want me to waste money on something we will eventually bulldoze. (You can read more about it on the blog above.)
Part of the issue with our bathroom is storage. We have three drawers and two cupboards…which are all a perfect height for a toddler to get into and unpack every day while getting ready. It’s very annoying. We have tried drawer hooks, but he still gets into them. I set out to create another storage unit on the wall, but we really didn’t  have room for another medicine cabinet, so I came up with this idea for Storage Wall Cubbies. A few months ago I created these fake paintings and wrote a little DIY Faking a Painting.
I thought they would be great to use as a cover to a wall cubby! A great way to hide the clutter and add some art to the wall. Here is my little DIY on how I created these Hidden Storage Wall Cubbies
To start you need to create two 10″x10″ Storage Wall Cubbies:
1’x4’x7′ Pine Boards
2′ square of 1/4″ plywood
Nailgun (or hammer and small nails)
Miter Saw
Table Saw
Wood Glue
4 small hinges
2 cabinet magnet catches
First cut your 1’x4’x6′ pine board into 8 pieces that are 10″ long with a 45 degree angle on each piece:
Each cubby will need 4 boards that look like below. I like to line them up to make sure they are all the exact same size.
With the boards above, you will assemble your wall cubby. I started with gluing the boards together to make a square.

You will end up with a square like below. (Use can use a L-square ruler to make sure it is square.)

Using an nail gun (or just a hammer and nails) reinforce the box in each corner.

Measure the outside of your cubby box and cut the 2′ square of 1/4″ plywood into two pieces to be the back of your cubby box. My cubbies are 10″x10″ so I cut the plywood to be a 10″x10″ square.
Attach the back using a nail gun (or hammer and nails) to create more support to the box. 

You now have a finished wall cubby (or two in my case!)

Now we need to sand and paint it to look professional 🙂 Most likely, you will have some sort of a little gap where the boards meet. Use some wood fill to fill this gap.

Let it dry overnight.

Then sand it with 60 grit, 100 grit, and then 200 grit.

Paint the box your desired color. My frames on my fake paintings are brown, so I matched the color for the cubbies. 

After two coats and a day of drying you should have two wall cubbies that look like this:

Next, install the hinges. Measure two inches from the top and bottom on the frame of your fake paintings.

Install the hinges and you will have a frame that looks like this:

Next, on the cubbies mark where the hinges of the fake painting will meet cubbie. Make sure you give them enough room to close and line up on the cubby straight.

Drill holes in the cubby for the hinges and then screw the hinges in place. 

Now to attach the magnetic catches. These will make sure the frame on the front will stay closed.

Measure two inches to the inside of the cubbies.

Install the magnetic catches. 
On the frame of the fake paintings, install the metal plate for the magnetic catches.

You should end up with some finished Hidden Storage Wall Cubbies that look like this.

Install them on the wall, preferable in a stud so they can handle weight of whatever you put in them. Once installed you have a couple of Hidden Storage Wall Cubbies that hide all your junk you don’t want people to see and 

add a little wall decoration to the bathroom at the same time!

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