A Review of My 2015 Goals

A Review of My 2015 Goals

Can you believe it’s 2016 already!!  As I do every year, I usually like to review the previous year’s resolution to see how I did and then set some goals for 2016. (See My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions.) Does this process keep me accountable? Maybe a little, but it’s a tradition so I am going to keep it up!

2015 was a crazy year for us, as I predicted it would be last year. It is definitely a year that we will remember for a long time! So let’s review what my resolutions were for 2015 and how we did: 

I had three major goals in this resolution
1. Eat Out Less

2.  Eat Less Sugar
3. Cook With 1-Ingredient Foods

I guess this might always be something I strive for every year. I feel like we did pretty good this last year with most of the goals, with the exception of a bit of craziness we had for a few months. In December I completely fell off the sugar wagon and baked cookies almost every day. 

I had several people ask me what our new skill we were learning was this last year. I’ll explain it now. When my son was old enough, we decided to have him join Taekwondo. Upon signing him up we found out we could join as a family for about $50 more a month. If you know me personally, you will know I have a bit of feisty personality. My favorite class at the gym (boxing) had just been canceled and the idea of learning martial arts and having the ability to spar people seemed so appealing to me. I have to say I am SOOO happy we did it. The sport of Taekwondo has increased my flexibility, made me step out of my comfort zone, provided me with an athletic ability I didn’t have before, and taught me to protect myself. My husband and I try to go twice a week and we both really enjoy our time at the dojang. I always tell people, “Some couples take dance lessons, we like to spar each other.” It keeps our marriage exciting! 

I laugh at this, because three years in a row this table has not been finished. It will be finished eventually and we did cut the bark off all the wood we had milled for the table. The problem is we moved in 2015 and do not have the space to finish this project. (More about the moving process later.)

We officially are not landlords yet, but we did purchase a foreclosure house and flipped it this summer (more on that later). We are currently living in the house, while in the process of building a new one on our acreage.  And yes, I did get to rip out my THIRD set of shower doors! {see this post} I hate those things! Here’s a little sneak peak at our reno, look for a foreclosure blog soon! 
We are in the thick of building this house as I speak. Just this week they dry-walled the inside of the house. We live about three miles from our acreage at this moment, which has made getting over there easier. Do I enjoy the building process? No, not at all. I hate making decisions. However, with having a husband with opinions on the house and a very patient builder we have come a long way. The house should be finished mid-March.
Well, that is my 2015 in review! I know that 2015 was the WORST year for us posting on our blog but us sisters have been busy. Luci went back to college, Christi is adjusting to working full time and a baby, and I…well you pretty much know now! 2016 should be a less active year for me, so I am hoping to get some more blog writing time in! 


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