Baby 2.0: 10 Days To Go, 10 Things To Look Forward To

It’s officially 10 days away until the arrival of our little girl and we are so excited! I am excited, but also scared. I periodically throughout the day freak out a little and wonder how I am going to manage having two kids. I am scared for the sleepless nights, losing my patience with Aiden (due to lack of sleep), not being able to pick Aiden up (due to c-section), managing working from home with two kids, and overall just how I am going to keep up with all the things I do now! 

With that being said, I am also quite excited for the baby to be here and I am trying to focus my attention on all the positive things I look forward to with this new little one. Having a baby is such a fun experience, but there are things that are sometimes never fun with pregnancy. I decided it would be fun to make a list of all the things I am looking forward to once this little girl comes into the world and I am not pregnant. This list is in no particular order, just random thoughts of happiness I think about periodically. 
1. First Smiles
The picture above is actually Aiden’s first smile! 
Yep, I know she will be almost 2 months before she actually gives me a smile, but it is always so fun to see your child smile for the first time.
2. Her Big Brother 
I have these magical thoughts that Aiden will be such a good older brother– help his mama out a lot with her and be best friends with her. In reality, I know that he probably will try to touch her eyeball the first time he holds her and most likely will be a little jealous for a the first few weeks. He has become quite the little helper in the last few weeks, so I am sure after an adjustment period he will turn out to be quite the help with her and a great big bro!
3. A Good Hard Workout
There is nothing I love more then a good hard workout. The kind that  you wake up the next morning and feel the sore muscles. It makes me feel like I am doing something good for my body. I haven’t been able to work out for the last 4 weeks due to my stomach muscles stretching. I look forward to a good sweat session and some sore muscles!
4. Wine 
I miss wine so much. I have been able to keep myself entertained this pregnancy with some pretty good NA beer (Buckler I have found to be the best) but I just enjoy a nice glass of a red wine once in a while. I am looking forward to a nice glass of some Cabernet Sauvignon very soon! 
5. A Long Run
It’s my time alone, without kiddos, with music in my ears, thinking about how nice the neighborhood looks, who’s landscaping I would redo, and really anything I can think of. Running time is my time. I won’t be able to run until 8 weeks after the surgery, but I am so looking forward to that run. It will be November by then, so it might be a cold one!
6. Her Dad
My husband is a great father. He is so good with his son, patient yet firm, loving and teaching, but I have a sneaky feeling that this little girl might wrap him around her finger faster then he thought possible.
7. Pink, Purple, and All Things Girly 
Don’t get me wrong, I love my little guy, but there is something so fun about being able to introduce more girly things into our house.  It’s going to be so fun to be able to dress her in such girly colors as pink and purple…those colors that have only been in my wardrobe. Also, I can’t wait to put makeup on with her and adorn her head in cute headbands and tutus. 
8. Full Caffeinated Coffee
I drink half caff since I have been pregnant and I really am looking forward to a normal cup of coffee. I cheat every once in a while and drink a fancy coffee out somewhere, but it will be nice to wake up and have a full caffeinated cup of coffee soon.
9. Touching My Feet
I can still technically touch my feet, but man it’s tough! Painting my toenails and putting on shoes is so hard when you have this huge belly! I can’t wait to be able to put socks on without grunting. 
10. Her

The number one thing I am looking forward to is her. To see who she looks like more, her hair color, her little hands, her little feet, and her little face. Her learning to smile, roll over, walk, talk, and become my little girl!

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