DIY Wine Rack With Glass Shelf

A few years back you might remember the wine rack that I built and blogged a DIY about on this site.

DIY Build Your Own Wine Rack

This baby features 14 shelves and holds 98+ bottles.It’s been a pretty popular post and I have received a ton of emails from people thanking me for the plans. 

Well, about 9 months back we moved into our new house and for some reason in my massive kitchen I felt like I really didn’t have space (at least good space) for my wine glasses. So wouldn’t you know it, this wine rack has become a feature of my new dining room!I do not honestly have many upper cupboards and I didn’t want to do a below cupboard hanging wine glass rack, so I decided to “adjust” my previous plan of my wine rack that was already built. (Also, just a fair warning, this might be the easiest DIY in the world!)

I started out with my already built rack (See blog post here for full DIY)Then I decided to remove the shelf that I felt would be at a good height for wine glasses and I also removed the shelf above it to affix the wine glass holder to. I purchased shorter screws that matched the other screws in the rack to fill the holes that the removed shelf left. 

Also, I purchase this Sorbus Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack and Stemware Holder from Amazon. (Link here.) **Please note wine glass rack comments below**

 I flipped the removed rack over and attached the glass rack above to the bottom. It was perfect!!Until I unboxed some wineglasses I hadn’t seen for 6 years and realized the wine glass metal rack was spaced too close to have their wide wine glass bottoms fit! 


I went on an emergency search on Amazon and found the best solution for this problem was to purchase a few of these wine glass holders and space them as needed. (You can find the product here.)


The wine glass holder rack really makes this wine rack more functional for everyday living. Of course, our wine rack has sort of morphed into a wine/liquor/catch all rack, but it’s functional that way and that is really all that matters.  I really love the additional space the wine glass shelf provides. When we have guests come over, they always know where to look for a wine glass and it’s made a great addition to our little dinette. Look for more blogs coming up! I feel like after a year of flipping the foreclosure and building a new house I FINALLY can post more on this blog!