Garage Sale Redo: The Bookshelf

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my garage sale toy box transformation. I am on a quest to turn my son’s room into a firetruck theme room eventually, so I have been finding random furniture and painting them red and white to match the theme.

At the same garage sale that I bought the toy box, I found this awesome, homemade bookshelf. This thing is HEAVY and sturdy and it was only $3!! The only problem was the previous owner obviously was some teenage girl with angst and she decided to take it out on this bookshelf.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a teenage girl with angst…who doesn’t? I would rather she take it out on this bookshelf rather then her parents. It reminds me of myself at her age, a little, as I destroyed several pieces of furniture with paint in my day. (Ask Luci, she was horrified about me painting all over an antique phone bench.) However I used acrylic paint, which is easy to remove, not spray paint like this girl. I thought you had to be 18 to buy spray paint?
I do have to admire her use of keys glued to the bookshelf, as I think if she covered the whole thing in keys it would turn out pretty cool looking.
The one thing I can’t figure out is when this girl was a teenager. Below you see lyrics from the song Right Round by Flo Rida (2009).
But then on this side she has lyrics from Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back (1988). Also, there are lyrics to Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days (2000). I am just super confused when this girl was a teenager. Her music selection spans 20 years!
And lastly, I wonder if she still loves Jake. I am not sure if Jake is a boy from high school or she just jumped on Team Jacob… (The date on this side points to the clue the girl went to high school in 2009, but obsessed with old music like Live and Sir Mix-a-lot.)
Anyways, whatever this girl’s story, I had some left over paint from the toy box and decided to use it to redo this bookshelf for Aiden’s room. It took about 8 coats of white paint to cover up all the black spray paint. As you can tell from above, it took soooo long to paint over the scribbles that I spent a lot of the time thinking about the girl who did caused me all this trouble. Though it was time consuming, the results were great!
I really like the red shelves.
The bookshelf is at a perfect height for my son to get to all of his books.
And promptly remove them from the shelf as fast as he can so Mommy has to pick them up. He does this often!
I am really happy with the results of the bookshelf and it’s really amazing what you can do with just a little bit of paint.