German Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

Here I am, 7 o’clock at night and totally craving some cookies. I have been seeing this post on Pinterest of Pumpkin Spice Cookies made with just 1 box of spice cake and 1 can of pumpkin. It’s been very intriguing to me lately…can you really make good cookies that quick?? Unfortunately, I don’t plan on going to the store to buy a box of spice cake mix, so I decided to try something of my own.

The only cake mix I have in the house is German Chocolate, so I thought….chocolate & pumpkin…ehhh let’s try it! I mixed the cake mix and pumpkin together and tasted it. To my surprise it was TOTALLY DELICIOUS! I decided to add in some chocolate chips to give a little more chocolate flavor. I dropped spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and baked them at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.
It is the perfect cookie recipe for you really busy moms out there! Your family will never know how easy these cookies are to make and they will thank you for “slaving over the stove, baking for them all evening.”
I think you can probably make these cookies with really any type of box cake on hand. Just some ideas I have been thinking of:
Pumpkin + White Cake Mix + Rolled in Cinnamon & Sugar = Pumpkin Snickerdoodle
Pumpkin + Yellow Cake Mix + Raisins = Pumpkin Cake (like carrot cake) Cookie
Pumpkin + Butter Pecan Cake Mix + Sprinkled With Powdered Sugar = Pumpkin Pecan Cookies
Pumpkin + Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix + Walnuts = Pumpkin Walnut Brownie Cookies
Pumpkin + Devil’s Food Cake Mix = The Devil’s Pumpkin Cookies
I am sure the possibilities are endless! If any of you try this or if you have any of your own easy cookie recipe, I would love to hear it! Just comment below. Happy baking!
The Skinny: 36 @ 102 calories each (the german chocolate cookies)