Guest Bedroom Remodel

Here we are, starting another room in the house…again! This room is the guest room right next to the master bedroom.
Unlike many of the other remodels, I don’t think you will see much of a difference with this room. We plan on just painting the walls, resurfacing the woodwork, and replacing the light fixture. The room has this ugly maroon carpet, but we are going to wait to replace it till a later point and time. I would LOVE to replace it now, but it’s just an extra expense we are trying not to have.
Here is the ugly pink striped wallpaper. It’s a perfect compliment to the maroon carpet don’t you think?
The big question…what color to paint the walls so that the maroon carpet doesn’t clash? My choices are limited to pretty much white, cream, or beige. I have decided to let fate decide. We have so many partial cans of paint, mainly beige and white. My plan is to mix them all together and see what color comes out. I have been trying to remodel this house with the least amount of money spent…we will see how the color turns out! Wish me luck!