Making Our House err… our Apartment a Home

Even though Nathan and I will be moving out in a few months I recently decided that I wanted to add a couple accessories to our kitchen cabinets (specifically, on top of them). Our kitchen has felt pretty empty after I removed the Christmas garland and poinsettias from the kitchen cabinets!

One of the financial advisors in my office gave me $50 for Christmas and I’ve been saving it for something. But what have I been saving it for? I’m not sure exactly, but every time I see that crisp fifty dollar bill peeking out of my glittery wallet my mind explodes with possibilities. Some new clothes? or shoes? a new picture frame? date night at a fancy restaurant?!! Then on Saturday inspiration struck in the form of a little home decor at Gordman’s:
So I don’t think the picture really does it justice but it caught my eye right away in the store. The letters are black with a slight red around the edges; our kitchen colors involve black & red – perfect! I wanted the ornamentation I put on top of our cabinets to be a reflection of Nathan & I’s taste and interests. Here was the perfect item to build inspiration for other items! Our faith is the core of our marriage and what a great way to remind us of that. “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12
SO I know that’s not much for now but I’ll update as I add little things… my goal is to do it all for cheap and stay within that $50 gift!
More updates soon about my plan to take up sewing again! I think my goals for sewing might be a bit lofty since I’ve completely forgotten what little I learned in “skills for living” class in high school!