Organizing The Garage Part 1

This is a little embarrassing, but my garage is a mess! A complete mess! Everyday I go out there for some sort of tool or another and I feel like I am hunting in one of those barns that you see on American Pickers. Really the mess is our own fault. We have shelves already installed, but since we have moved in we have never actually organized the place.

The right side of the garage is full of yard equipment, fireworks (gotta love SD), random auction purchases, and other junk.
Followed by the left side, which is littered with shoes, golfing stuff, screws, nails, multiple strollers, fishing gear, paint, and several ladders.
The area that should hold the rakes, brooms, and shovels was started, but never finished.
This cupboard, without doors, houses most of the junk we have no idea where to put.
We have so many boxes of nails and screws and they have all ended up on this shelf, unorganized. And don’t get me started on the strollers! I have three of them and that’s not including the child bike trailer!
This cupboard has become the paint cupboard. It is so full, you can’t close the door. Below it, we have thrown all the fishing stuff.
And like I said, there is plenty of shelving so it’s been our fault for not organizing it.
With the weather cooling off, the Fall is the perfect time to get that garage in order. I can’t imagine spending the winter hunting for that screw driver or drill bit in below zero weather in this mess of a place.
Since my husband hasn’t had time to really organize the garage, it’s my goal is to get this place in order! I hope it will take only a few days and end up with a nice, clean, organized garage, (and maybe impress my husband with my organization skills.)
Check back next week for the results!