Remodeling Your Marriage

It’s no secret that home remodeling can not only tear you life apart, but also become quite a strain on your marriage. The project can begin to take on a life of its own. It messes up your home, costs money (especially unplanned money) and overall disrupts everyday life.

The key to having your marriage survive a remodeling project is to communicate with each other! For my husband and me, these projects serve as bonding time. Each project is an opportunity to build more on our marriage. We team up to fight through the rough times (chiseling the floor in the bathroom) and the annoying times (not having a cooktop for three weeks now.) It has taught us to compromise our ideas and find the middle ground of what the finished product will be. In fact, I can honestly say some of my best memories of our relationship are times when we both have been covered in dirt and grime, working together.

All of our ventures have taught us to recognize each other’s strengths and know when just to let the other person handle tasks that we aren’t so good at. I have been lucky though, married to a man that has the patience of a saint so through all our remodeling projects he has been the rock. He is a genius when it comes to electrical work and really anything involving an electrical saw. He would say he is happy to have a wife that likes to paint and doesn’t mind spending all of her weekends off working on the project doing the tasks he really hates to do. Collectively we work towards an overall goal in mind, we might not always agree on the path to take to get there, but through all the blood, sweat, and dust we make it to the end. Each project we finish gets us one step closer to making this house our home and our relationship even stronger.