Remodeling/Reorganizing The Laundry Room

Well, many of you know that we started yet another project of remodeling one of our bathrooms. Right across the hallway is the laundry room, and I thought it would be a great time to just get both rooms remodeled. The laundry room though, has a lot more work to do than the bathroom.

For one, the room is right off our garage and serves for a dumping ground for almost everything we have when walking in the door.
On an average day the room looks like this:
You can now see how messy we keep the room, just no organization whatsoever.
For the before and after pictures I cleaned up the room a little, so you can see what we are dealing with in the room minus the clutter.
Ugly Wallpaper:
Huge washer and dryer that needs to be moved (which btw we are keeping till they die):
The room is very long and narrow. I had my husband install these little hangers on the wall to help keep down the clutter in the room. They aren’t the cutest thing but I did only pay $1.50 for each of them at TJ Maxx.
There are ugly light fixtures in the room that are a fake wood grain on a metal fixture:
We would ideally like to keep them, to save money but if anyone out there has any suggestions on how to “dress them up” or what would be nice to replace them with, I would love to hear from you.
And when the cupboard doors are off, you can see where the real need to organize comes from:

Our 2011 goals for this room are:
1. Remove the wallpaper
2. Paint the walls
3. Refinish the cupboards
4. Change up the light fixtures
5. Organize, Organize, Organize
We are hoping to have this finished in the next few weeks. My husband has a month off of work, so with some good luck we might get it to go faster. I would love if some people would comment or send me any suggestion on organizing or just remodeling in this room. I love to hear your ideas!