The Joys of Toddlerhood: The Big Boy Chore Chart

Well, my son is now almost 2 years old… be exact 23 months. He seems to be turning into even more of a big boy every day and I wonder where my baby has gone!?!?
He is now big enough to do lots of fun activities with him, that before he didn’t quite understand such as:
Making Cookies
Building Bridges with Legos 
(with help from Daddy)
Picking Apples
Eating Cereal & Milk 
In addition to all the fun activities, he has started helping me with chores around the house. I thought it would be great to start a chore chart, so I designed the one below.
You can click here for links to the word documents:
 (The font on the list will not be the same as mine, but you can customize the chart as needed with your own list and font.)
I filled the chart with “chores” that he helps out with now AND some activities he doesn’t enjoy….like clipping his finger nails. Each time he completes a task, he will get to put a sticker on that spot. What happens when he fills it up with stickers??? Well probably nothing, the sticker is fun enough right now! 
Maybe some day in the future we will take him out for a treat or some other reward, but for now he just likes to see the smiley faces. He is still grasping the concept of the chart (he tried to eat a sticker today) but each day it is something fun he can look forward to that helps us out around the house.

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