$50 Later…

$50 Later…

So I have to make a confession. That $50 i’ve been saving?…To decorate the top of our kitchen cabinets? Well it didn’t go as planned because I bought some clothes instead 🙂 I’m moving out in 2 months anyway so not a big deal, right?

Whenever I have some extra money my girly-girl impulse takes over and I end up buying some trendy jewelry or a cute shirt. Clothing inspiration struck at Target this weekend when I happened upon some beautiful floral dresses. I simply cannot resist a cute dress in the spring or summer! Once I tried on those breezy, cinched waist dresses I knew where that $50 I had been saving had to go.

The first dress features a dreamy blue/green floral pattern. It reminded me of a pretty water color painting. Here’s an example of how I might wear it for a lunch date with my girlfriends:

The second dress is the same style but with a red and yellow flower pattern on a royal blue background. Here’s an outfit for a night out with friends. In order to balance the girliness for a night-time look i’ve edged out the dress with a faux leather jacket and some dark polish (OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark – an oldie, but a goodie!)

Now if only the weather would warm up. I feel like spring and summer may never arrive! I can tell you that as soon as we have a day above 65 degrees I will be rockin one of these dresses 🙂