My Favorite S/S 2010 Trends

My Favorite S/S 2010 Trends

Last Sunday was the first REAL spring day we’ve had! I pulled out some strappy brown sandals, cuffed my skinny jeans into capris, and set off with Mr. Man to get a new propane tank for the grill. I’m definitely a spring and summer girl and when you live in South Dakota you learn to appreciate each and every day that entails beautiful weather.

Of course with all of this sunshine and warmth I’m just ITCHING to dig out my summer clothes. Here are my favorite trends for spring and summer 2010 that I can’t wait to mix in with my warm weather staples:

1. Florals
The florals trend continues into this year and I am not complaining! I love the mix of colors and the femininity of the trend. This year the floral patterns are a little larger in scale so if you’re worried about being too loud then try wearing a floral that is fitted and has structure (i.e. you won’t like the maxi dresses with the large floral patterns). Here’s an example of how I’d wear it:

2. Chambray
This light denim/linen fabric is big again. Although I wouldn’t suggest wearing it head to toe there are definitely some chic ways to pull it off. I haven’t found a chambray dress yet that tickles my fancy but it’s another way to wear the trend. Here’s how I would do it:

3. Lucite Accessories
Here’s a trend that was around a few years ago and back then I didn’t particularly care for it. It wasn’t actually until this lady at my old job walked in wearing a beautiful lucite necklace one day. It sparkled and wasn’t over the top; like everything else she wears it was just classy. The updated trend is now seen on accessories like high heels and clutches; I’ll keep it simple with a necklace, ring, or bracelet. Here’s how I’d wear it at the office:

4. Stripes/Nautical
Ahhhhh the Nautical look. I’m not sure why but when some people see this trend and run in the other direction. I on the other hand am absolutely drawn to it. There’s something about the classic look; it’s crisp and clean. I also gravitate towards anything with stripes; so timeless! Now that being said, it is important to incorporate this trend properly and not look like an actual sailor. Here’s an easy way to mix it up when wearing stripes this summer:

5. Light Colored Leather
This is a trend I was a little unsure about. When I think of light leather I think of Paulette from Legally Blonde 2 suggesting that Elle wear a classy wedding dress, what she describes as, “white leather.” *shudders* While we can all agree the a white leather wedding dress is probably the tackiest thing possible, there are plenty of flattering ways to wear light colored leather this summer. I recently purchased a light brown “leather” jacket from Forever 21. The lighter colors keeps it from look dark and drab during the summer. Most of all it’s something DIFFERENT for me to try. I get a little bored with the same outfits so this trendy piece is all-too refreshing (esp. when punching it up with a bright clutch or purse). Here’s an example of how I like to wear it:

I can’t wait for summer to really arrive! Bring on the sunshine & cute outfits…