Fashionable Prego Clothes?

Fashionable Prego Clothes?

First, I will start out by saying I am not the fashionable one of my sisters. I really only wear clothes that I can get dirt cheap and that look somewhat OK. My idea of accessorizing is throwing on my wedding ring and a pair of big earring…that’s it!

So as my ever changing body become bigger and bigger, I have the opportunity to purchase new clothes! Being the cheap person that I am, I don’t plan on buying a lot of maternity clothes that I can only wear when I am super pregnant. I wanted to purchase clothes that I can wear after this body transition.

Thanks to the recent fashion trends of tunics and leggings, my quest for fashionable prego clothes has been VERY possible. I don’t know if you have tried leggings since 1986 but I am telling you, they are the most comfortable pants in the world! I feel like I am wearing sweatpants to work!

Above: Forever 21 Seamless Legging $5.50, Forever 21 Spotted Knit Top $15.80, Forever 21 Drawstring Striped Tunic $11.50, Payless Shoes Maggie Softie Cork Wedge Montego Bay Club $16.99 in black, Forever 21 Fab Mid Length Leggings $4.50 (in blue and grey), Forever 21 Cheetah Knit Tunic $17.80, Payless Shoes Maggie Softie Cork Wedge Montego Bay Club $16.99 in white

The shoes above are from Payless shoes and I own them in black, white, and gold. Why so many colors? When I find something comfy I buy it in all shades it comes in. I love these shoes!! I wear them to work everyday and run around town in them all the time. The little heal on them is enough to give me some height, but not enough to throw me off balance…which will be very helpful when my stomach is the size of a watermelon.

I should make one very important note on the use of leggings. Be sure to get a long enough shirt that it covers the front and back of your “swimsuit area”. Trust me, the front is best left kept to the imagination and unless you have those AWESOME underwear with implants built in, it’s just best to keep it all covered up!

With the heat of summer coming on, it’s time to break out your shorts and dresses. I have looked at some maternity shorts, but I haven’t found any that I really like. Plus, I would rather spend my money on some dresses that I wear to parties and work this year and next year! Good thing that baggy sun dresses have never been more in style than now!

Above: Old Navy Women’s Ruffled Tube Dresses Regular Price $11.50 Clearance, Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Long Sleeve Solid Cardigan Sweater – Fresh White $17.99, Old Navy Women’s Striped Gauze Blouse Tops $24.50, Old Navy Women’s Tiered Denim Skirts Clearance $14.50, Target Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Elbow Sleeve Cardigan Sweater – Black $14.99, Old Navy Women’s Jersey Tube Sundown Gowns Regular Price $10.50 Clearance

Yesterday I went shopping and picked up the two dresses and skirt at Old Navy on the clearance rack! The website still shows them at full price, but the store is bursting with clothes in the clearance section. Because tube tops aren’t the most work appropriate attire, I pair them with cardigan sweaters. The denim skirt above is probably my favorite. The elastic waste band can stretch, as I do, and the style is just so flowing and free.

This section I call my randoms. I have purchased some of the items below, but eventually plan to purchase them all.
Above: Target BeBand Maternity Band Ebony $16.99, Forever 21 Linen Summer Pants (drawstring) $22.80, Forever 21 Relaxed Linen Pants $14.50, SO® Crochet-Trim Tube Halter Top $16.00, Forever 21 Pintucked Woven Top $17.80

The item to the left is the BeBand from Target. This band goes over your tummy and the top of your jeans, allowing you to keep wearing your regular jeans, only unbuttoned and unzipped. Sounds uncomfortable right? Well, it’s not. I picked up a brand new one at a garage sale for $2.50. They lady just never used it and with that price, how could I not buy it? I wore it around my house and it felt great!

The next two pants are NOT maternity pants. You could have fooled me, right? They were at the Forever 21 store the other day and I tried both of them on. They fit really nice, but the only problem is that the store only had them in smalls. I may fit into a small now, but give me a month and I won’t. I have been debating on ordering them online in larger size, but I thought I might check back at the store to see if they get more in. I just hate paying shipping costs.

The pink top I purchased at Kohls a couple of weeks ago. I just really thought is was cute and breezy, great for those hot summer days. Finally, the last shirt. This one was on the Forever 21 website and there is just something about it that I really like. I am going to try to hunt it down in the store as well, but I think the shirt will be a really good style for those summer to fall days. It probably will match a couple of my leggings as well.

Well, those are my finds so far. I am still small enough to fit in most of my clothes, but they are getting pretty tight. I have gained a total of 13 pounds so far and I am sure that is just the beginning of the weight gain. My next clothing quest….gym clothes that fit the belly!