Keeping The Kitchen Organized

Keeping The Kitchen Organized

As we draw closer to the end of this 6 month+ project, I finally have the ability to look at some new kitchen gadgets that will help out with the organization of our kitchen.

In-Cupboard Hanging Pot Rack

The first little addition to the kitchen is going to be a pan rack for our beautiful All-Clad pans. We originally were going to hang the pans above the kitchen sink. The only problem was it would block the view of our back yard. We had to come up with another solution. Browsing around on the internet I came across this in-cupboard hanging pan rack. I LOVE IT! We have a cupboard just left to the cook top that really doesn’t get used much, so I think this would be a perfect addition to the kitchen and really aid us in the storage of our pans. Once we figure out the final building of this little contraption, I’ll write a “how to” on here.

Double Bin Trash Can Pullout

The trash and recycling pullouts cans are a perfect fit for one of our cupboards and will be a great addition to the kitchen. It will relieve us from having to remove the garbage can from the cupboard and remember to put it back in the cupboard. If we forget, our little Gizmo has been getting in the garbage lately…which is never a good thing! $70.32 @ Amazon

Lid Organizer

This handy dandy little organizer can keep up to eight lids in line. I don’t know how many times my lids get spread out all over the cupboard and this lid holder just makes keeping the cupboard organized a little easier.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to dig under my sink to find cleaning supplies. It is SUPER annoying! This little rack, slides out and organizes all of the cleaning products. $19.99 @ Ikea

Organize It Can Rack

I have this dead space above my pantry, I call it dead space because all it stored before were items that we never used! I decided that all those items (2 extra crockpots, ice cream maker, large platters) could all be placed in the storage room in the basement. We NEVER use these items and I would like to keep the kitchen organized by keeping the necessities in order.
I found this little canned food organizer and I thought it would go great up there with the standard canned foods that I like to keep on hand. It automatically feeds cans to the front so they’re always readily accessible.

3-Arm Rack

The rack will be great for hanging towels below the sink, on the inside of the cupboards. We always have a tendency to throw the towel over the top of the door, but after years of damp towels it can really mess up the finish on the cupboard. Also, I am going to install this guy on the cupboard next to the stove and use it to hang up potholders.

That’s is so far all my finds for organization. If you have any ideas of little organizers that you like, send them to me. I love anything that overall will keep my life less cluttered and less hectic. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.