Decorating the Nursery

Decorating the Nursery

The last couple weeks I have spent most of my time putting my kitchen back together. I still need to make the roman shades for the windows, but I am at a standstill point until my material arrives. During these times, I find myself daydreaming about the nursery. I just can’t wait to get started working on it!

Many of you might be asking, why I haven’t started working on the nursery while you just waiting on this material? Well…you see my husband has made a rule for me. He knows how I LOVE to start new projects, but I don’t ever quite finished them. The rule is that I can not start another room until this kitchen is finished. So, as I play the waiting game I sit around and brainstorm on where to start in the nursery. Here’s my plan so far (not necessarily in order):

Move out the furniture – On this I will need my husband’s help. He will not have to move it very far, just down the hall to the room that houses our bar. The hardest part will be convincing him that he has to give up his upstairs “bar room.” There is no point to have a bar on every floor of your house, and ladies & gentlemen we do!

Remove all the wallpaper- The room is just covered in this lovely 1987 stripped string brown paper. I can’t wait to get rid of it!

Paint- Before I can paint, I have to pick out the colors. I have learned from experience, buy your accessories first and match your paint color to them. I have done several rooms now and accessories I end up loving NEVER end up matching my paint. They are usually off by a shade or two.

Accessories- Ahhhh the fun part! I just purchased my crib set and curtains. I wanted to make sure that it was something that if (God hoping *cross your fingers*) our second child was a girl I could incorporate some girl colors with it. I found this super cute, light green set at JCPenney that I thought would be perfect!
Then on Amazon I found the matching toddler bed comforter set. YEAH!!! For those of you who do not know, my Mom works for a really nice family in her hometown that gave us her old nursery set. They look brand new, except for the shiny brass handles and I already took care of that!

My plan is to find some fun patterned fabric to make matching pillows and other decorative elements for the room. I am really looking forward to making the window seat just a nice and cozy place for my little boy to read his books. We inherited all of my husband’s books from when he was a kid, so he has a lot of reading to catch up on!

Another part of the accessories is refinishing a rocking chair that we picked up at a garage sale last summer. This rocking chair is heavy duty! We purchased it for only $20, so I think we got a pretty good deal. I started working on it a couple weeks ago, but stopped so I could finish up the kitchen. I am hoping to get some of it sanded down this weekend.

Built-in bookshelves- I am sad to say, I have a feeling that these might not get installed before the baby arrives. My husband has been so understaffed at his work that he has been working about six days a week, (usually 12 hour shifts, blah!!) When he is home, he is usually way too tired to do anything. I am hoping that my wonderful in-laws might come down for a weekend and this could be his father-son project to work on.

That’s my ideas so far for the nursery. I plan to spend this weekend, washing all the millions of dishes covered in dust and placing them back in my cupboards. We still have all the outlet covers to install on the walls (my husband’s job, I hate it!), installing the light fixture, attaching the rope lights above the cupboards, hanging the pan rack, making the roman shades, and decorating.

It’s all coming together very nicely and every time I look at the kitchen I just feel this great sense of accomplishment. Also, the excitement that I get to start working on the nursery next!