Easy Fashion/Beauty Updates

Easy Fashion/Beauty Updates

Feeling like you’re in a fashion/beauty rut? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and perhaps even outdated by all the different trends that are always popping up. Now no one wants to become a fashion victim and simply buy every single trendy item that’s out there! You need to have your own look while adding a bit of flavor. It’s fun to try something new and a little different every once in awhile. With this in mind, here are a few easy pieces and ideas to incorporate if you feel like your wardrobe rotation is in need of a little “spice!”

1. Blue, Green or Lavender Nail Polish
Bright, fresh nail colors are popping up all over and I’m not complaining. It’s definitely refreshing to see so much color and creativity on nails after the reign of black nails (not to say I won’t be rocking some dark nails again come fall!). I know it can seem like a bit much but what’s the harm in trying it? You may apply a couple coats of a calm lavender color and find yourself pleasantly surprised. I’m currently wearing Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos and find myself thinking the water there must be just this shade of blue-green. (left to right: Essie “Turquoise and Caicos,” OPI “Done Out In Deco,” OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape,” and OPI “Ogre-the-Top Blue”)

2. Crochet or Lace

I know crochet and lace may seem a little “elderly” for some people but I promise, these trends ain’t your grandma’s sewing projects! There are plenty of cute tops and dresses to try out and if you’re feeling a little hesitant then try a crochet accessory (such as a clutch).



3. Statement Necklaces
Statement necklaces are an easy way to add some fun to your basic tee or even your work ensemble. Whereas thick bangles and bracelets can hinder your writing, typing and corporate handshaking, a statement necklace adds attitude while keeping things professional. Try adding one to a white tee, jeans and some kitten heels. Or just add one to a suit for work.

4. Wayfarer Sunglasses
These classic shades are a fun and easy way to add “rocker cool” to your wardrobe. Although Ray-Ban started the trend you can find this style in plenty of generic brands.

Edward Cullen didn’t look too bad in them either… (wink wink)

5. Flashy Cocktail Rings
I used to shy away from fun cocktail rings but once I tried wearing them I became addicted. Cocktail rings can be an easy and cheap way to add some fun to your fingers. Try one next time you go out for happy hour or a Saturday night dinner-date. A little fabulosity never hurt anybody! (All rings below from Forever 21)

6. Turquoise Lined Eyes
Yes, again with the turquoise. But it’s back and bigger than ever in clothing, makeup and even home decoration. It’s hard to find a person this flattering shade won’t compliment! If your a little timid about this one just lightly rim your gorgeous peepers with a baby blue color. Add some eyeliner and mascara and you just might love how much it makes your eyes pop! Just look how much it makes Rihanna’s eyes stand out. This one might be a little more daring but why not try it? You may just love it!