Would You Try It??

Would You Try It??

And here we are! A different crop of trends to evaluate. What do you think of these trends? Would you wear them?…

The Denim Vest

This trend is taking me back… to grade school. I definitely rocked a jean vest with a Winnie The Pooh motif at one point. When I see this trend part of me just screams, “No, no, no!” Yet when I see some people wearing it I think, “Ehh… that’s not that bad actually.” For example, it didn’t look that bad on Kim Kardashian. Then again, what doesn’t look good on her?

Here are a couple ways to wear the denim vest inspired by Kim’s look:

Patterned Pants
There are definitely some trends I see and think, “No way would that EVER grow on me!” But then I see some young starlet trying it out and start to re-think my initial reaction (see above). However this trend, this loud, printed, harem-shaped (or non-harem shaped) trend will never grow on me. Simply put, it looks like pajama pants in the day time. NEVER okay. Which reminds me, what was with the girls in college who wore pajamas to class? Really, you couldn’t take 2 seconds to just throw on some jeans?? I always found that to be disrespectful to the teachers and the class… alas, I shouldn’t get off on that tangent. Instead here are some examples of the pants I’m describing:
So am I feeling these pants?… not so much. What do YOU think? Comment below!

Long, Full Skirts

Here’s a delightful nod back to Audrey Hepburn and the 50’s housewife. Long, full skirts are making strong appearance in Fall 2010 lines. While I love a shorter full skirt I wonder if this longer version would be harder to pull off. I can definitely see myself wearing it to church but I am not so sure how it would look at work. One things for sure I like it better than the printed pants! Here are some looks inspired by the very lady-like full skirt:

(all pictures from Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 show)

Here are a couple outfits inspired by the full skirt:

I can see myself trying the denim vest and the long full skirt but the zubaz inspired pants should stay as far away from me as possible! Gwen Stefani could probably make them look good but I guess that goes to show you that you could probably pull off anything simply by wearing it with confidence!

So would you try these trends?