Excitedly Anticipating Autumn

Excitedly Anticipating Autumn

My favorite season BY FAR is fall, there is nothing better than this season.

I excitedly await my walks around our lake and hearing the crunch of all the leaves under my feet. I love the scent of falling leaves, fresh air, and apples. My favorite color has always been green, but the color of fall leaves of the burnt red, orange and yellow come in a very close second.

In fact, when I look around my house at the paintings on our walls, you can tell how much I really love the fall season. I look at these photos all year long and I still love them all so much!

I can’t wait for squashes of all shapes and sizes to be prominently displayed at the farmers market. Corn stalks to decorate the front entrance to our neighbors houses. Kids jumping into the huge the leaf pile they just raked. I look forward to stomping through the muddy paths at the local pumpkin patch, looking for the “perfect” pumpkin. And as much as I can’t believe I am saying this, I start to get a little excited for football season to start. I love to cook up a large batch of chili with friends and just curl up in front of the TV to watch a showdown (though us girls usually just talk the whole time.)

Maybe I love this season so much because I have so many memories during this time of the year. I am sure all the colors, sounds, and smells play a large part in this, but it just gets me so excited each year as the summer comes to a close. I hope some of you out there share my excitement for my favorite season and wishing you all a beautiful autumn!