A Teaser To The Nursery

A Teaser To The Nursery

Only 2 months to go until our little one arrives and I am sure many of you are wondering how the nursery is going. Well, my plans have changed…dramatically. You might remember the post Decorating the Nursery a few months back where I was begging for feedback (which I greatly appreciated!) The original plan was to paint green stripes on the bottom half of the wall. The main color was going to be green. I had the plan all set and ready to go…until I went fabric shopping.
Finding the right green to match this crib set below became quite the task! Here is the crib set below:I was searching for a green and brown fabric but found that most fabric with green and brown ended up being more of an olive green or a lime green. Neither of them matched the green crib set.

Another reason I decided to change my color scheme was that the thought of walking into the room with green stripes on the wall, a green comforter, and green curtains might be a little too GREEN!

So as I was browsing through the bolts of fabric I kept finding the green color I liked (and needed) and it always seemed to be paired with this really bright turquoise color. The color combination looked so nice together! I brought home a couples swatches to my hubby and he really liked the colors too…so in a matter of hours, I changed our color scheme to turquoise and green. I ditched the stripe idea too. I want to have stripe accessories and thought that having stripes on the wall and on the accessories might be a little overkill.

For the wall colors, Valspar has this great website that lets you “digitally paint” a room. It was hard to find an image of a bedroom with a chair rail, but they had a hallway with a chair rail which helped to picked out the perfect color combination.

The top color is Woodrow Wilson Putty and the turquoise is called Swim. I chose to have turquoise on the wall instead of green because I thought it would add a little contrast to the room and the green bedding.

I am very close to finishing the room and I hope to reveal it in the next couple of weeks. Right now though, I will leave you with the image below of where I ended off last in the room. I am sure you can use your imagination for the rest!