Decorating Above Cabinets

Decorating Above Cabinets

This is a followup blog to my previous blog on decorating above the cabinets. I decided to go with a white Tuscany theme in my kitchen. I really wanted some sort of wine theme and items that I found out the local thrift stores seemed to fit the white Tuscany theme, so I keep collecting the items as I go. I am really not finished with the decorating, but I will show you what I have so far.

First off, I decided to add some vines across the top of my cupboards. I just felt having a little green really helped draw the eye upward. I didn’t want your standard vine, so when I found these “grape vine” like vines I felt it just emphasized my Tuscany theme.

I have talked before about this dead space above the cupboards that serves no purpose. (I would much rather have my cupboards go to the ceiling.) I work with a local wine store here in town and they were kind enough to give me a couple wine crates. I think they look just super cute in the dead space and I use them to hold random items that we need in the kitchen, but I just don’t use a lot.
Here is the other side of the cupboards that are next to the pantry. I used one more wine crate and decided three was enough. You should see all my little treasures hidden in those crates!
I had my choice of about 100 of those little bird statues, I thought one was just enough for what I was going to use it for. Could you imagine my kitchen covered in birds? I guess someone who use to run a wedding decorating business dropped them off at a Salvation Army. And let me tell you, those little birds are HEAVY! If we every play Clue in my house it will end up being Mrs. Peacock, in the kitchen, with the bird statue!
Here is the complete picture of the cabinets above the sink. It’s pretty hard to see all of my thrift store finds, so I took some closeup pictures. I am hoping to add more items as I find them.
I thought the vases were a nice contrast to each other. Short and fat vs. tall and skinny.
This is a handmade tile that someone created and then framed. On the bottom corner, it notes the time period and style that the tile was commonly used. I absolutely love this tile and searched all over the internet for more like it. Alas…I think this might have been someone’s art project at the local college.
I really have no idea what this thing was used for, all I know it it has grapes and it’s white. There was originally a little decorative piece on the top, but it was too tall for my space above the cupboards so I sawed it off.
Well, that is all the decoration I have so far. I have another stretch of cupboards above the cook-top that has a small vase displayed, but I really need to add more to it so I just left it out. I will update the pictures as I find more little objects.

I guess in conclusion of this project, I learned a few important things about decorating above cupboards:
1. Pick a theme or subject: It just groups everything together and makes it look so much more polished.
2. Less is more: Don’t overcrowd the space, a small amount of items are all you need and it keeps the decorating from looking over done. Besides you have less dusting!
3. It’s your kitchen, go with what you like. I have been so worried trying to look like a professional decorator I forgot to just focus on what I really like. I love the romantic, Tuscany look, and I am not going to spend a million dollars for knickknacks for decorating. Shopping at thrift stores, I have been able to find items I like and not spend a lot of money.

I would love to hear any responses/suggestions you might have for decorating above cupboards, so please feel free to leave a comment below.