Makeover in Minutes: Front House Lights

Makeover in Minutes: Front House Lights

I have been a little lazy around the house lately. Every night when I turn on the front lights I notice that one more light bulb has burned out. We have five lights on the front of our house, so the other day when I noticed that we were down to only one working bulb I thought it was time I put some new ones in.

I have been procrastinating a little on changing the light bulbs because I was thinking about purchasing new lights for the front of our house. Our current ones are original to the house and are in pretty bad shape. Here is what they looked like below:
They are pretty dull and shabby after all the years.

As I am getting ready to install new bulbs in these old things I notice how easy it is to take the lights fixtures apart. The glass in them actually can be removed piece by piece. All of a sudden I have this genius idea! Spray paint the old fixtures! I mean I can’t do any more harm to them right!?!

The light fixture taken apart is below. This was also a great time to wash all the little pieces of glass.
Here is the fixture with my weapon of choice (left over spray paint from the rack I painted a couple month ago.)
As I am removing all of the light fixtures I notice how bad the house numbers look. Let’s spray those too!
I didn’t want deal with removing the main lights from the house, so I made this little stencil cut-out to shield the bricks from any over-spray.
The results:
Just so beautiful and easy! They look brand new and at no cost to me! This little project took me maybe an hour to do and it was just so simple!

If you have any great examples of what you have spray painted around your house, send them to me or comment below! I just love to get ideas for my next Makeover in Minutes project.