The $10 Bathroom Makeover

The $10 Bathroom Makeover

This is a post I was meaning to put up before the baby was born, but needless to say, I have not had much time. We finished the room just days before his arrival and every time I walk into it, it makes me so happy!

We had this bathroom in the upstairs of our house that might have the ugliest wallpaper ever! It was pink, purple, yellow, and lime green plaid. You might remember the blog I wrote about this room a month ago. We wanted to remodel the bathroom, but conserve cost at the same time and I am proud to say that this remodel took only $10.

When we started the room, I spent a couple of days tearing down the wallpaper and my husband skim coated and primed the room. The next step was to paint. Paint can be very expensive, the kind I usually buy is about $30 a can. Being that we wanted to keep this remodel low cost I decided to go another route: pick a color from the “Ooops” pile at Lowe’s. The “Ooops” pile is where colors are mixed wrong or customers order paint and never pick it up, so they mark the paint down in price for some cheap soul out there (me!). It is a great way to buy paint if you aren’t too picky on the color for the walls. I found this great beige-grey color (in the pics it looks grey, but there is beige in it) for just $10 a can (originally $30)! We spent a couple days painting the room and it was almost done!

Next, I resurfaced all the cupboards, put a new coat of polyurethane on them, and changed out the handles and we were DONE!

I guess I should not say that it was just a $10 remodel, but all the other items we had on hand. We already had the brushes, rollers, stain, polyurethane, handles…all of it! So to us, this remodel was just $10.

Here are the pics below of the room:

Someday we will buy new light fixtures, but for now they work just fine.

Even kept the old towel and toilet paper holders.

I just love the vaulted ceilings!

Well, that is our famous $10 remodel. I love what paint can do to a room at such a minimal cost! I have not done the decorating for this bathroom. The wall color pretty much makes the room a clean slate so really any color will work. Once I get that all figured out I am sure you will see another blog from me, till then, HAPPY PAINTING!