Losing The Baby Weight

Losing The Baby Weight

It’s been six weeks since our little Aiden was born. He is getting cuter by the day and gaining weight by the second. He’s becoming quite the chubby little guy… and chubby is very cute on him, but not on me.

While I was pregnant, I gained a total of 50 pounds! I was doing so good at first, keeping my weight gain pretty steady. I found out that you really don’t have to eat very much more when pregnant. However, about 32 weeks, we found out that Aiden wasn’t gaining weight like he was suppose to. The doctor requested that I consume as many calories as I could…so I ate and I ate and I ate. He still didn’t gain much weight so they decided to perform a c-section and take him out early. (We found out later I had a huge knot in my umbilical cord!)

So there I was, 50 pounds heavier with a c-section cut…which means no working out for 6 weeks. The first few weeks I lost about 15 pounds, then it stopped. I had always heard that breastfeeding is suppose to help you lose weight…well it did… then stopped. At the end of three weeks, I decided to start working out just a little. I know I was not supposed to, but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t fit in any of my winter clothes. I walked a little each day and tried to eat less. My husband bought me an elliptical machine and I did that at a slow pace and I dropped another 5 pounds.

Since Aiden was four weeks old though, I have been sitting at my weight of 149 and it has not moved…very depressing! Before the pregnancy I only weighed 120 and I have never weighed this much. Everyone keeps telling me to “be patient” that it took 10 months to put on the weight and it takes some time to lose it. That’s like telling a zebra not to have stripes. I have no patience! This morning I got on the scale and almost jumped for joy to see that I was down to 147 pounds! YEAH!!!!

This is what I decided, to keep myself motivated I will periodically post about my battle to lose this baby weight. I plan on posting healthy recipes, workout routines, and really anything that will keep me on track. Then I will read the posts when I start feeling like I want to give up. Who knows, maybe it will motivate someone else in their own battle to lose baby weight!

It’s going to be tough battle, but I think with watching what I eat and working out regularly I will be back to my old size (***cross your fingers***) in a few months. Who knows, maybe I will lose the weight and gain some patience in the process.