5 Cute Coats to Heat Up Winter

5 Cute Coats to Heat Up Winter

Well for many of us this time of year means bundling up and gritting your teeth through all the wind and snow. With all the cute coat options out there there’s no reason you can’t grin and bear the winter in style. Cute coats are one of the few bright spots in winter (well for me anyways). So in attempt to help keep you toasty warm this winter, I’ve thrown together a few fabulous coats.

1. Camel Colored Coats
Whether you choose a camel colored wool coat or a classic trench this color is everywhere right now. The best part about this trend? The camel colored coat is very “classic.” When I was in college my mom bought me a beautiful camel colored wool coat from Banana Republic and said, “It will never go out of style.” She was right! The classic silhouette and color made this coat a wonderful investment. So if you’ve been eying one of those delicious camel-colored coats on winter clearance then take the plunge! I bet you won’t regret it.

2. Bright Color
It’s easy to gravitate towards moody grays and blacks during the drab winter months. Why not inject some color into the monochromatic winter with a brightly colored coat? This green coat below is offset by a leopard tote with white gloves and a scarf.
Add some warm accents with gold pumps and earrings. And if green is not your color there are many other choices such as bright red or a beautiful cerulean blue.

3. Casual Plaid

Regardless of what colors are involved plaid evokes warmth and a casual comfort. This gray coat has lines of blue and pink that I’ve played up with a bright blue beanie and pink sweater underneath. Fingerless gloves, wayfarers and gray motorcycle boots keep the look fun and youthful.
4. An Elegant Cape

There is something about a cape that is so completely lady-like and chic. I especially love the look when pairing it with elbow length gloves. I imagine this coat over a sweaterdress and leggings. Top off the look with lace-up booties and a bright tote for a punch of color.

5. Faux Fur Hood
Faux-fur is not just trendy, it keeps you warm! This military green coat with faux-fur trim would look great with aviators and some creamy-heather colored gloves and hat. Duckboots, as seen all over the runways, provide a practical and unintentionally fashionable way to keep your feet warm and dry!

If you’re looking for a way to simply spruce up your winter coat without buying a whole new one then look for fun winter accessories. There are a multitude of fun hats, scarves, and gloves in beautiful colors, patterns and textures. For example, I have a plaid wool coat with very faint lines of purple and green (very, very faint lines). A pair of purple gloves would lend a bright new approach without the cost of a brand new coat. If you’re already overloaded with hats and mittens why not check out the wide variety of winter foorwear. Cute boots are everywhere you look! I favor UGGs or my trusty black riding boots. There are plenty of options out there that will keep your feet warm and dry while simultaneously pleasing your fashion palate.
I hope these coat ideas were able to provide you with some inspiration. I like to think that the cold winters in South Dakota make us heartier people. Combine this character-building weather with the ability to bundle up in style and you have mid-westerners that are a force to be reckoned with! 😉