Bathroom #3 Remodel Complete

Bathroom #3 Remodel Complete

It is finally finished…the remodeling of the third bathroom. I started writing about this bathroom remodel over a month ago, but due to my laziness (and a personal situation that I will go into a few months from now) I have not been able to show you the finished results. The bathroom has been done now for about three weeks and we are in love with the results!

This bathroom is on the main floor of the house and it is just a half bath, which made the remodel go much faster. The room was much like the others in this house– dated wallpaper and light fixture. However, this bathroom we had one additional problem that the other two didn’t have, a leaky toilet.

Not too long after we bought the house I was cleaning the floor and discovered that the floor was sinking in behind the toilet. The toilet must have been leaking for years. It turns out the leak was in the tank. The good, handyman hubby that I have took the toilet apart and replaced the rubber ring between the tank and bowl, which fixed the leak. The floor was really damaged, so the hubby had to tear out the floor down to the joists of the house and replace it. It was quite the process and I can say that I watched in awe as he did his manly handyman project.
Next, he tiled the floor and it really turned out looking great! We chose a porcelain tile for this bathroom. Here’s a nice pic of the tile:
After the floor was tiled, we painted the walls, hung a curtain, replace the light fixture, refinished the wood, reinstalled the trim and chair rail, changed out the handles on the cupboard, and reinstalled the toilet.

Here is the bathroom before:

And here is the bathroom after (sorry the angle of the room makes it tough for a good picture):

I am happy to say we have another room down, which means that we have four major rooms to go: living room, upstairs guest room, master bathroom, and the basement bathroom. After we get those rooms all finished, who knows what we will do with our free time. We have been talking about building a wine cellar, but I guess we will see when the time comes!