My Baby Supply List

My Baby Supply List

I had a request a while back to write a couple more blogs on having a baby. Luci wrote a blog with a list of necessities for the beginning family that was very handy! Since having my own child, I have found a couple more items I would add to the list. They have all been a tremendous help in the new baby process.

Ninja Shirts

We call them Ninja shirts because they look like something a ninja would wear. However, Gerber calls them side-snap shirts. At night, when our little guy was a newborn, we would put him in one of these shirts, his diaper, and a blanket. It made changing easier at night. Plus, a newborns neck is so ‘floppy’ that pulling a onesie over their head can be quite the task.

Lamp Dimmer Switch

There is nothing worse than sleeping and having someone flip on a super bright light. That is why I LOVE this little dimmer switch for lamps. When I needed to feed him in the middle of the night, this little switch allowed me just enough light without completely waking me, the baby or my husband up.

Steamer Bags

At first, I bought online this super fancy microwave steamer container for my bottles. When I got it in the mail I realized it took up a ton of space and cost quite a bit of money ($30) and I wanted to return it right away. I was telling my friend about how big it was and I really didn’t want something that big in my kitchen and she suggested steamer bags. I had never heard of them before and they have been a life saver! At around $8 for six bags (which are reusable) you just can’t beat it!

In Bed Sleeper

When you first bring home your baby you will be very tired and probably up every 2 hours feeding him or her. I found this sleeper that allows your infant to sleep in the bed with you. This little contraption allows you to feed, change and watch baby without getting out of bed. It has a little barrier for the sides that help keep baby safe while you sleep. Also, there is a built in nightlight that really makes it easy for things you might need to do in the night. Your husband might not like this little contraption if you plan on sleeping in the same bed. My husband works night shift sometimes, so this ended up being a pretty handy item for me. Since my little guy has gotten older, I like using it for afternoon naps. Naps with you baby can be quite fun…as long as they sleep.

Pumping Bra

Ok, if you are a guy and reading this blog you might just want to skip this section…it’s a little embarrassing. For all you ladies out there, pumping is something you almost can’t avoid when having a child and it takes up a ton of time! Most pumping machines give you these little funnels that you hold up to pump and it really ties your hands up. I suggest either purchasing a bra like the one above or making your own. I just took a old bra, which had a foam lining in the cups, and cut circles out of it. It now allows me to pump while reading a book or playing on the computer. Very handy!

Milk Storage Bags

The name says it all. These bags are great! They are a thicker plastic so they don’t leak. They lay flat for easy storage in the freezer, taking up less space and making them easier to thaw. Also, they have this tab on the outside that you can write on the date and ounces, which really comes in handy.

No, they are not a sponsor of this site. I am writing this just out of pure joy and appreciation for this site. They offer the cheapest diapers, give you rebates, and deliver super fast. I order all my diapers, milk storage bags, and wipes from this site. I absolutely love them!

Baby Einstein Albums

I don’t know what it is about this music, but my little guy really loves it. He can be crying and fussy, I just turn this on and he just is so intrigued by the sounds. He even has his favorite song, Trish-Trash Polka, which makes him laugh hysterically. I have both of these albums above (there are many out there) and use them each at different times. The lullabies I play at nap time and the traveling melodies is pretty much any other time.

Misc Items
There are always other items that we find our child loves, but it really depends on your child’s preferences and all children are different. For instance, our little guy LOVES his swing but our friend’s daughter didn’t like hers. She loved her bumbo and our guy is really not a fan. My suggestion is only buy a couple of these at a time and try to get most of them second hand. It will save you money and prevent you from having your house overran with baby items that don’t get much use.

Hope this helps some of you new and expecting mothers out there! Being a Mom is the greatest feeling in the world but can be challenging at time. Having little items that help you out can be a Godsend. If any of you readers out there have any more suggestions, please feel free to comment below.