The Laundry Room Remodel

The Laundry Room Remodel

It is exciting to say that the Laundry Room has been redone! It was probably one of the fastest remodeling projects we have done to date!

On an average day the room looked like this:

The room is right off the garage, so we usually dump a ton of things in it when we get home.
Here is the room before (clean):

I removed the wallpaper and painted the walls. I have been on this quest to remodel on the cheapest budget possible, so the beige color is leftover paint from two rooms combined. The green wall is venetian plaster left over from one of the bathrooms we remodeled. My husband helped me resurface all the cupboards and we switched out the handles to match the rest of the house.
Here are the results of all of our hard work: And a side by side comparison:
And some more photos of the before and after:
I decided to keep my TJ Maxx hooks that I paid only a $1.50 for, but spray painted them antique brass to match the new fixtures on the cupboards.

As for the ugly light fixtures, well they remain. I haven’t exactly decided what to do with them yet. I had some suggestions to spray paint them, which I really might end up doing that. However, it’s just so cold outside I will wait till the warmer weather to do that. The hooks were hard enough for me to spray paint!

Now for the organization part. I didn’t want to go out and buy new baskets for the room so I just hunted around the house and rearranged some things in other closets to find the baskets I needed. They are mis-matched but they do the job.
It really is amazing what you can find around the house that can help you just to become a little more organized.
My favorite part of this whole thing is the junk drawers below:

In my upstairs closet I had the two small drawers for our extra cold medicines and such. I just swapped out the large white one I had in the laundry room previously for these two small drawers and they really helped. Most of the stuff in the cupboards was just random junk that we had laying around. It’s really nice to have all the little glue bottles, batteries, and miscellaneous items all tucked away in these neatly organized drawers.

Well that’s it! Another room finished. To many of you out there, this room may not look totally organized, but it works for us. I would love to have cute wicker baskets in all of the shelves, but I really didn’t want to go out and spend the money on buying them. Who knows, maybe some day I will be walking through a store and find some for a good bargain. Till then, it’s nice to have another room done in this house and only four more major rooms to go!