Food On A Budget Part One

Food On A Budget Part One

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A couple of years ago my husband lost his job…just like a lot of other people out there when the stock market went crazy and our economy tanked. I still had my two businesses (in-home salon and daycare) but I knew we had to make changes to our budget. So the first thing I did was slash what we were buying for meals. I am very healthy when it comes to food…but I had to find a cheaper way!

Many people ask me how I can I made our food budget go down and still have healthy meals to feed my small army! Well, I thought back to our grandparents and how they used to feed 8 kids on a one person’s salary. They used casseroles, frozen veggies, canned fruits, made breads and always seemed to have a few cookies laying around for the occasional sweet tooth. I went back to buying everything with the generic brand name labels and changed our meal plans.

There was only one problem, I am just like every other busy mom who has NO TIME! So I learned how to prepare things ahead of time and freeze them. I thought I could share some of the information that I have learned and I would love to hear if anyone else has ideas to share. I will be starting a series of posts that should help out the average family.

I will be covering topics of:
– The inexpensive casserole
– Preparing meals ahead of time
– Sweet tooth on a budget

I would love to hear any food budget saving ideas that readers might have so please feel free to share!