Love Dare: 14 Day Challenge

Love Dare: 14 Day Challenge

Since having a child over three months ago, there has been a little adjustment to our marriage…to say the least. I know that I am the primary caretaker for this little man, I am after all his food source, but sometimes I get a little frustrated about it and I tend to take it out on my husband. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Mom, but it can be a little overwhelming at times. I am lucky to have a great husband who is a great Dad. He can usually tell when I am starting to get a little on edge and takes our little guy from me.

There are, however, those moments where I hit a wall and end up yelling and venting about something stupid. I am a loud person, so yelling just comes naturally to me 🙂 The other day it was over me spilling a huge glass of water all over the table filled with my phone, papers, and other items. My husband just sat there listening to me vent and not really saying much. At that moment, you know what I realized?? I was not being nice! I mean who really wants to sit there and listen to their wife (or husband) yell over something stupid. When did it all of a sudden become OK to take out my bad moods on him? That is not being a good Mom, a good wife, or good for our marriage.

So the other day I received an email from a fellow blogger asking me to join her Love Dare and all I could think was “what a good idea!” It’s a 14-Day challenge leading up to Valentines Day. Each day highlights a verse from the bible that speaks of love.

Here are the verses:
Day 1 (Feb 1) “Love is patient” Eph. 4:2
Day 2 (Feb 2) “Love is kind” Eph. 4:32
Day 3 (Feb 3) “Love is not selfish” Rom. 12:10
Day 4 (Feb 4) “Love is thoughtful” Psalm 139:17-18
Day 5 (Feb 5) “Love is not rude” Proverbs 27:14
Day 6 (Feb 6) “Love is not irritable” Proverbs 16:32
Day 7 (Feb 7) “Love believes the best” 1 Cor. 13:7
Day 8 (Feb 8) “Love is not jealous” Song of Sol. 8:6
Day 9 (Feb 9) “Love makes good impressions” 1 Pet. 5:14
Day 10 (Feb 10) “Love is unconditional” Rom. 5:8
Day 11 (Feb 11) “Love cherishes” Eph. 5:28
Day 12 (Feb 12) “Love lets others win” Phil. 2:4
Day 13 (Feb 13) “Love fights fair” Mark 3:25
Day 14 (Feb 14) “Love takes delight” Eccles. 9:9

My goal is to focus on one of these verses each day and apply it to our marriage. I hope that by doing this little dare, it will help my relationship grow with my husband and continue to build on our marriage. Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. It’s the process of being unselfish, willing to compromise, and putting the relationship and the other person first. I think this challenge will bring me one step closer to being the wife, mother, and person I want to be.