Uncorked #1: Heavyweight Red

Uncorked #1: Heavyweight Red

Many of you out there might not know this, but I am a huge fan of wine! I love trying all different kinds, attending wine tastings, and even making my own wine. I thought it would be fun to start a trial run of weekly post called Uncorked. Each weekend, I would feature a new wine that we tried and let you know our thoughts on it. When I say “we”, it will be my husband and I. I am sure he will weigh in with comments once and a while. We will be doing this for two months long and just see where it goes from there…

There is a little disclaimer: I am by far no wine expert –or as I call them wine snobs. I might throw out some wine terms, but most terms I will give you the definition and try to explain them to the best of my abilities. Most likely it will just be me telling you what I think of the wine. No bottle shall be discriminated against, price is no matter (with in reason), and this is just going to be all about exploring the world of wine.

This week, we tried Heavyweight Red Cabernet Sauvignon


Description: Wine infused with the flavor of black raspberry, Marion berry, milk chocolate truffle, and hints of vanilla and spice.
Price: $11.99
Region: California

All I can say about this wine is that the little boxer on the front sure packs quite a punch! The name is a little misleading though, it is actually a blend of 76% Cabernet, 14% Syrah and 10% Zinfandel. We are not usually fans of blended wines, but this wine was VERY delicious. The taste is slightly sweet and fruity with an oaky* cast. It has a bold flavor, great aroma, and just overall a great drinking wine. We paired it with a of dinner of tossed salad, homemade bread, cheeses, and meats.

Would I buy it again? Yes I would! So yummy!

*Oaky– Having the aroma and flavor of oak, resulting from aging in oak casks or barrels. Oak-like qualities may impart smokiness, vanilla tones, or clove or other spicy characteristics. Some oakiness is desirable, but too much is not.