Guest Room Remodel Complete!

Guest Room Remodel Complete!

I have been long overdue to talk about the results of our guest bedroom remodel, a blog I wrote months ago. Well, the room has been finished for a while and I thought I should show you the results.

This room is the guest room right next to the master bedroom. We really didn’t end up doing much to the room. Just removing the wallpapers and cleaning up the woodwork. The room has this ugly maroon carpet, but we are going to wait to replace it till a later point and time. I would LOVE to replace it now, but it’s just an extra expense we are trying not to have.
Here is the room before:

It had ugly pink striped wallpaper. We decided to paint the walls a color that didn’t clash with the maroon carpet and that was pretty neutral. In an effort to save money on this somewhat remodel, I decided to mix all of our partial cans of paint together. I had no idea of the color we would get, but the partial cans of paint are mainly beige and white, so I knew it would be something close to the color I would want. The color turned out to be a very light beige, which was perfect! We swapped out the light fixture and called the room good…granted it still has that SUPER ugly maroon carpet, but we will deal with that later.

Here is the room after:It doesn’t look that different from the first picture, but I am always glad to see one less room with wallpaper!