Uncorked #7: Lucky Duck Riesling

Uncorked #7: Lucky Duck Riesling

Welcome to Uncorked! Where I feature a wine that I’ve tried and let you know my thoughts on it. There is a little disclaimer: I am by far no wine expert –I am just going to tell my thoughts on a wine. Some wine snobs out there might turn their nose up at my opinion and that’s fine with me! Wine is meant to be savored and enjoyed! I might throw out some wine terms here and there and if I do, I will make sure that I give you the definition and try to explain them to the best of my abilities. My goal is to share some tasty wine picks with the world and hopefully encourage some of you out there to try a new wine. No bottle shall be discriminated against, price is no matter (with in reason), and this is just going to be all about exploring the world of wine.

This week’s wine is:

Lucky Duck Riesling

Description: Lucky you! We searched the globe to create a collection of authentic, great tasting international wines, with layers of flavor. Sweet notes of citrus and apricot. Enjoy Lucky Duck alone or paired with white meats, fresh vegetable dishes, or spicy Asian cuisine.

Price: $3.97 per bottle
Region: Germany

There I was, walking through the wine section at Walmart and this very cute bottle jumped out at me. I love ducks, I mean who doesn’t, right? Well with a price tag of $3.97 I thought, it was worth a try! Riesling is one of those wines that I love and I love to hate. It can vary so much from very dry to a super sweet dessert wine. With that in mind, unless you are familiar with the bottle or the winery gives you a description on the label, you have no idea what you are getting. This bottle gave no description of the level of sweetness, but I thought for the price it was worth a try. I do not discriminate with price and in the past have found some pretty good cheap bottles of wine (Trader Joe’s anyone?) So, I poured myself a glass and took a nice big inhale of wine’s bouquet. The nose was not very sweet, which gave me the heads up that I shouldn’t be expecting a super sweet wine. I could smell a little apple and maybe some peaches, but something was a little off about the smell. The first sip was quite a disappointment, but somewhat expected from a $4 bottle of wine. I thought overall the wine lacked flavor. Usually with a Riesling you will have a nice crisp burst of fruits, and I really think they can be some of the most refreshing white wines out there. However, this one just was pretty blahh and slightly metallic tasting (which might be what I couldn’t quite place with the smell.)

Would I buy it again? No. This might be my most harshest review on a wine, but I just really didn’t like this wine. And Lucky for me I paid less than $4 for it! My husband thought I was being a little hard on this wine, but I have had much better bottles of wine for around the same price. There are some good cheap bottles out there. Quite literally, this wine gets the three T’s for me: Tinny*, Tired*, and honestly Terrible.

Fun Wine Fact: Riesling is almost always aged in stainless steel and should not have characteristics of oak. (Probably why I thought the wine was so metallic tasting.)

A person usually has two Rieslings for doing something: a good Riesling and the real Riesling. – Thomas Carlyle

*Tinny– Metallic tasting
*Tired– Limp, feeble, lackluster