Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair and Bangs

Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair and Bangs

I am always looking for an easy way to do my hair. I will actually search the internet for “easy hairstyles for long hair” and it usually comes up with cute updos that require no bangs. Well, I need my bangs. I have a HUGE forehead…really I do! I had a friend in high school who use to tell me that if I didn’t have bangs I might “confuse pilots and they might try to land a plane on my forehead.” With all joking aside, I have never had a problem with my forehead. It’s what I was born with and I just have to work with what God gave me.

So when I was on Pinterest the other day and saw that my sister had tagged a cute hairstyle that was great for long hair and bangs. I was SUPER EXCITED! Anything that makes my hair look cute with minimal effort!

This tutorial comes from Keiko Lynn, who also has some other really cute hair things on her blog that I am going to check out at a later date. Here’s a pic of the attempted style:

I picked up a cute scarf from Walmart for $5 which matched a couple purple tops I own. I started with my hair up in what I call a dewdrop, it’s basically a ponytail that isn’t pulled all the way through. I followed her tutorial exactly up to the part where she tucks the ends into the scarf. That just didn’t work for my scarf or my head, not sure which one. I wrapped the ends around to the back of my head, below my ponytail and tied another knot. Then I hid the knot under the other layer of scarf. In addition, I used the ends (which are hidden below the scarf) to pin the scarf in place on my hair. It worked pretty good and it was super easy.

Here are the results:

Very cute, very easy, and will definitely do it again! Do you have an easy hairstyle that you would love to share?? Let me know in the comments below. I am always up for new ideas!